Monday, April 6, 2015

Weaving with Old St. Nick

The old Saugus Mass made Macomber (#786) is finally up and weaving!

 And quite nicely too I might add. Now I get why these looms were the loom of choice for university/college arts weaving programs then and probably now, assuming any of them need replacing. This is a tank of loom as far as design and build goes, but easily understood, warped and woven on. Mine at least is not fussy, no treadle hooks have popped (old style non-super), The advancing is smooth and easy and the tension holding abilities, excellent.

But what really makes the loom go right to my weaving heart is the ergonomics. It's a very comfortable loom to weave at for me. It sits high so you'll need a higher set bench, but the rear hinged treadles sit high too and well forward, so the reach is straight down, not extending your leg and pushing away from you.

 There is the perfect foot rest too. I ordered the newer style with 2 settings depending on how you like to rest your non-weaving leg.

 I wove on it for over an hour the first time out and didn't tire one bit. The only modification I'm going to make is to the bench, by putting a piece of memory foam under the sheepskin.

The fancy twill pattern in black, top


and in dark grape.

As I posted before, some of these towels are being made for the fire departments silent auction. A few may make there way to friends and family and hopefully at least one will hang out in my kitchen. After this grape one is finished, I am going to go to unmercerized cotton for the balance of the warp

The Murphy loom is not being neglected either.

 This pretty pattern out of Davisons book is a lot of fun to weave. I am using just the same yarns that are in the warp, as weft.

 This whole warp might be destined to be runners. I have half a mind to weave it as one long cloth and then cut and hem as I see fit.

For the most part it was a weaving weekend. I got a bit of sewing done but still need to set a sleeve and do some finish work on a Merchant & Mills make. Pics next time around. Easter Sunday was a treat, Gene and I met with my folks and we all went out for dinner. No muss, no fuss, no dish clean-up. Both Mom and I were happy campers about that. Hope your Easter was spent just the way you wanted.

Parting shot: Charlotte heading for 17 this summer. Still beautiful after all these years.


  1. Yay!! I'm so glad you love the Macomber the way I do! I probably told you this already...but I use an adjustable height (gas cylinder) bar stool to weave at the Macomber. it goes up nice and high and swivels so it's easy to get up from the loom when I need to. Found mine at Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Lovely patterns on both looms. Easter was simple here too....happily so.

    Charlotte looks lovely with her serious gaze. She has such an interesting coat.

  2. I think you may have just given me OLAD! Seriously lusting after your Macomber! Love the towels and the runner. Charlotte is a real beauty.

  3. Charlotte takes a great glamor shot!!!! Sounds like you had some quality loom time this week....that's always a good thing.

  4. Valerie, I'm pretty blown away by how easy this loom treadles and weaves. I have a drafting stool I might try with it, but it is being used with the AVL. Well, it is sitting next to the AVL....
    Charlotte is pretty serious gal, always has been. We believe she is a combo terrier/schipperke. She is very reserved with strangers and sticks to her chosen person.

    Martha, Oh no, didn't we just get you over a Glimakra sized case of OLAD? But I will tell you, I'm not missing a CM loom at all.

    LA, I will make sure to tell her so. She is such a wonderful dog in so many ways. It was a lot of weaving and it was all fun!

  5. So glad you're loving your Big Mac - I bought my big one in 1986 and will never get rid of it - it has a home for life here - so easy to weave on, no strain on the legs or hips at all pushing straight down on those treadles.

    I've also had the workshop loom but didn't care for it - and have another Big Mac only it's 24" wide that is now my beach loom - tight squeeze over there but it will work - the heck with houseguests!

  6. Love the intricate designs you're weaving. Just beautiful. An early Happy BD to pretty.

  7. Don't you just love the wonderful patina on the wood of older looms? What a great addition to your weaving collection and it looks like it would be comfortable to weave on. Lovely weaving all around and that's so nice of you to weave towels for the fundraiser. I hope that they realize how lucky they are ;-)

  8. Oh that is a gorgeous loom! Thanks for showing the details. I've never seen one before and find the treadles very interesting and that, even though it's a high loom, it's comfortable for you. You've been busy :)