Saturday, September 28, 2013

Two, Two Season's in One!

September can be a hot month in Southern Oregon, and most of the years it is, but not this year. Crater Lake received over 8 inches of snow last Tuesday into Wednesday. We had some big wet snow flakes fall from the sky over the week too. Add some hail and sunshine, periods of rain, soft or driving and temps dipping into freeze territory and I'm thinking more winter than fall. The last time I saw deer, they were bunched in a group of about 7 on a difficult and rocky (rock face one side-vertical drop off the other), stretch of Highway 66. I guess my posters advertising the beautiful green buffets available in the valley worked! ;) The signs of deer season opener this weekend are everywhere. The noise from 4 wheelers, camo painted trucks hauling some pretty flashy campers, slowly up the road, beer cans and lots of loose trash, and people with rifles walking up the driveway. "Ah yes sir, trash barrels usually mean someone does live here and no, no hunting on this property (even if the sign looks a little old), or the ones next to us either side and behind. That goes for Tub Springs too. And we all appreciate you getting up from your recliner in the back of your truck and actually HIKING out to shoot those deer instead of doing it from the road. Oh, and those are goats and horses..NOT DEER!" You can bet even if the weather cooperates, I won't be riding this weekend.

So let's move on, lets go to the sewing room why don't we, where the only dead fur you'll see is some old acrylic stuffed animal skin left by one of the gang of 8. New fabric has popped its way onto the shelves, a little here, a little there and I have neglected to take pictures of it. Much of it hit the cutting table yesterday. Two long sleeve woven Scout T's were cut in cotton and two Lela tunics (in assorted cottons, linen and hemp), and a cute Simplicity apron with scads of self binding. The apron will take 10 minutes to assemble and sew, the binding a couple of hours. There is a pair of magenta denim jeans waiting to be sewn too.

Another pattern from Sewn Square One has been tested too. This one is the Swing Shift top or jacket.

 I opted to make it as a shirt. I used my favorite mushroom print cotton ( I finished off the bolt last January during the annual sale at Fabric of Vision),

 and had some nice oxford scraps for collar and pocket details.

 Pocket bags were from some left over dark brown voile which is tightly woven and added next to nothing for bulk.

I think it came out pretty good for a first run through and can see myself making this again, with a little tweaking of course!

A Lela in linen has also been finished.

I modified the back to have soft gathers and like it much better.

 For me at home, tunics over a turtleneck are just right for our cool house, and of course, they offer endless opportunities for pockets.

The garden fountain has been brought in for the winter, the mulch finally here in a few piles for spreading. The barn has had some nice grading work done around it and I worked on adding some additional 3/4 minus to bring up the floor height yesterday. Dragging the mats in and out was the WORST! Goats Ben and Jerry have been moved down to their winter digs in the center stall. I put an old Igloo dog house in there, and some bedding, they have hay, water and will be nice and snug come winter if the two fools use their igloo. The Pygora girls loved it and it's just right for two to build up some warmth on a cold night. Gene has been working on the front porch which has been a bear of a problem. When he's done, I'll show you how beautiful it looks. In any event, I really need to get out and take some outdoor pics.

I don't usually go a whole week without posting, but blogger has been a bugger. The editor isn't working for me in Firefox and for a few days it wouldn't work in Safari either.
This is the first chance I've had to get a new posting up. Hopefully they will get the glitches out soon.

Parting shot: A touch of grey. When did that happen?


  1. I love these. Your makes always have these little fascinating details that keep them so special- I love them!

  2. The Swing Shift is great-I love the asymmetry, and the collar/yoke is really pretty. The length looks like a good match for jeans,

    While I love this time of year, I hate opening day. Stay safe up there friend!

  3. Love the Swing jacket - great pairing of fabrics! I think this will be a winner in your wardrobe ... J

  4. While staying in Florence for a few heavy rain days I guess we have not missed much in the valley...snow at Crater Lake already....oh my! Love the Swing jacket...I have the pattern too, tissue fit my duct tape dummy but stopped short with all the alterations needed. Love your version!

  5. I like your top ,they have fun details.Have you posted a online shop in one of your older posts that had some nice metal closiers ?

  6. I always wondered about living in the middle of a deer hunting season area, scary. I lived for 7 years in Lexington, Virginia, town of 5000 in the mountains, quail hunting in the fall was a fave sport. No walks in the fields :-)

    Am in love with your linen Lela, the gathers in the back are so pretty, and the bird fabric is great.

  7. Coco, We go out with a pot and a spoon and bang through the woods quite often the day before season opens. This year the weather has sent many lower and of course, lifting the fire ban has increased the number of hunters. It really has been an unusual September.

    Eufemia, I did in March of this year. Legions of Latches and I think the place you are looking for is Patterns of Time -their link is:

    Joannely, It must have been pretty soggy up there, but then again, no one to bother you two either, a nice break.
    I wasn't worried about a perfect fit on this, it is a swing top and meant to be loose, although I don't particularly like the armsythe on this, needs adjustment

    Judith, Thank you! I do love that grey/brown color, it blends well with everything without being black. Kind of like dog hair! ;)

    Mary, I am hoping it rains heavily on all their parades. I may complain heartily about the deer, even threaten murder myself, but in the end it's all bluff. If you need to hunt to feed yourself and family, I am fine with that but I never saw what was "sport" about killing for fun.

    Prttynpnk- Why thank you. Now if I could only use animal prints with the same panache as YOU do!

  8. I suspect it will be a real winter everywhere this year (that usually gets it) but hopeful fall will last awhile! Love your pieces as usual. Very individual and you must never wonder what to wear!