Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Annual Big Stage Event

Last Saturday was the annual fun fund raiser for the Greensprings Fire & Rescue and hopefully marked a permanent change in venue. This year the lovely and historic Pinehurst Inn hosted the event on their grounds. All summer work parties had spent many a week night in preparation. Brush clearing, getting paths and the stage area ready and logistics in general. It was all so worth it! The location couldn't have been better. The owners of this historic inn, Donnie and Denise Rowlett, a winning team,

 bringing good humor and a calm, laid back can do attitude to this busy event. Oh and the pulled pork sandwiches or baby back rib dinners...AWESOME!

The day couldn't have been better, blue skies, warm temps and a soft afternoon breeze.
Bike riding, walking the local portion of the Applegate Trail (and here), kayak demos, wine tasting

 by Jenny Creek and lots of good music.

 Information on the monument,

 vendors selling everything from beaded turtles shell pouches

 to buckskin

and beer.

 I came early and stayed just a short time but did have a chance to nosh on ribs and corn on the cob.

In other news, the hay will be arriving this weekend. Since we went from 3 horses down to 2 of the hay burners last September, I had a glut of hay in the barn when spring rolled around. My hay guy Colby held my 8 ton order so I could feed last years hay down as much as possible. This weekend, I'll fork over a big check and he'll stack up an equally big load of fresh hay. We'll both be happy and so will a couple of horses and goats. ;)

Over the weekend, instead of finishing up trim, I reorganized my kitchen. These jobs are best done when DH is not home so I took advantage of his weekend spent at the festival site. He walked out the door at 7:25 a.m. Saturday morning and I was starting on the kitchen as I heard the truck go down the driveway. And speaking of Gene, he managed to get our old washing machine working again. The spin cycle had gone south. I could get it sort of working by starting it spinning by hand, but it didn't have the oomph to really do a good job. A new clutch was in order, or a new machine. I chose the former since finding a good heavy duty simple washing machine is near impossible these days. And this machine handles even my big king sized quilts well, plus it has one feature I love. The lid opens to the left side instead of too the back which covers the controls. Yesterday, he replaced a bad control switch on one of our cooktop burners. It was ten times harder than the washing machine. There was cursing involved. Much of it quite creative I might add... I took a long time feeding the horses....it was like a miracle. I left, it was in pieces. I came back, it was back in the counter and worked. I love miracles!

Parting shot: Hey Charlotte, I can see Russia from here....


  1. What a lovely venue for the fundraiser! Hopefully lots of $$ was raised for the volunteer fire department!

  2. The festival looks like it was a success! You are so lucky to live up there-it's beautiful.

  3. Sounds like things are really busy getting ready for winter and cleaning out cupboards! Congrats on the washing machine repair!!! No one realizes how valuable that gadget is until it stops working! The festival looks really nice and it would be cool to wander through the stalls and drink beer and chomp on ribs...yummy!