Monday, September 16, 2013

The Week that Was

Heavens, a week zipped by and where in heck was I? The summer heat decided to give us a parting blast with temps climbing into the high 80's up here in the woods. I dragged my butt on finishing up the trim downstairs and cut some fabric upstairs instead. And of course, a small shopping adventure with friend Mary in Ashland. Good company, fabric, new shoes and a fun lunch. It was the highlight of the week. :)

I did snap a few pictures of the garden.

 The salvia is very happy, as is the one remaining bee balm.

 Many things would look better had they not been deer nipped.  But since fall is just a few blinks away and I'll be cutting a fair amount of things down anyway, I am not getting too upset over a little late season browsing.

What was upsetting this week was the attack on one of our goats by the neighbors dogs Saturday late afternoon. We had the discussion with them the last time when they ran those poor goats around their enclosure to exhaustion. This time Ben was caught between barn and horse paddock. I don't know why he didn't run, maybe he is just use to our dogs not being terribly threatening. Anyway, one had his neck, the other the flank area. Gene (who was working on the front porch), and I from the house came running at the start. The dogs let go, the owners where hitting the driveway head. Gene flew down there in pursuit of the dogs and had a word with them.  I've NEVER heard Gene so mad. I think everyone within five miles of us heard Gene blow a gasket.  Anyway, I let Ben calm down, went and cleaned the wounds I could find, called the vet and called it a day. Yesterday in prep for the vet visit, I leashed Ben and looked him over again. The neck really isn't an issue, scraps and surface stuff, but there it was, a deep puncture to the soft underbelly. The vet confirmed it had penetrated the stomach wall and his temp was over 103. So, I'm told goats do well walling these types of injuries up, a shot of banamine and a 7 day course of penicillin injections hopefully will put things to right. If not the decision will be obvious. As to the dogs. Well, it really isn't their fault. The fault lies with the stupid owners, who BTW are paying all vet bills.

Parting shot: My Robin, what big teeth you have!


  1. Oh dear, hope that poor Ben heals quickly! Stella and Robin look lovely in the late afternoon sun.

  2. This is a case of shoot, shovel and shut up. Those dogs must be destroyed. Unfortunately, while not completely their fault (it's the fault of their owners), they will pay the price. With livestock attacks, 2 strikes and you're out. At my house, they wouldn't have gotten a 2nd chance. I'm glad the owners are paying the vet bills - at least they're that responsible. You should check in with your local animal control/sheriff. Take pictures. Document. This can't be allowed to happen again. In Oregon, if the animal dies, they will be liable for 3 times its worth (don't ask how I know this). I hope Ben is ok - that would be the best outcome.

  3. OH dear, poor Ben. I have little patience for irresponsible pet owners - they should know better than to let their dogs run loose onto other's property......and certainly after this has happened before. I hope Ben recovers from this.

  4. So, so glad you were on the place when the attack happened. Your neighbors deserved the tongue-lashing! Praying for Ben; too much death in the sphere of my life lately to have something else go. :-/

  5. I'm appalled and so sorry for Ben! Glad Gene got good and mad!

  6. Martha, Thank you and me too! He's my favorite of the two goats because he is the most friendly.

    Laura, I know, I know, but honestly it would be sad enough to lose a good little goat, I just can't bring myself to add to the body count at this point. The owners to their credit were on their way after the dogs upon their escape. I'm giving these two a third chance.

    Cindie, Amen!

    Michelle, I hope Ben recovers too, He seems to be perkier, the puncture looks clean with no swelling or redness and likely healing from within. I'll know more today on his overall after any effects of Banamine wear off. The dose can only be given at 36 hour intervals and I'm hoping we won't need to dose at all a second time.

    Coco, it happens, people will often tell you dogs are 10 times worse than the wildlife when it comes to livestock attacks in rural areas and it is true. I think Gene used up his really mad cards for at least a year! Lets hope so.

  7. Sending good thoughts to all of you, including Ben! I hope those dogs are contained, and that this does NOT happen again to any other resident on the mountain. People are stupid about their dogs sometimes. Sorry for your troubles theresa.

  8. Husbands can come in handy for big messes and this sounds like a whopper! So glad that Ben received expert care and drugs and can hopefully make a full recovery...Lordie...who needs more of that? Why do dog owner think it is OK to let dogs roam? Lovely garden shots aside from the trauma!