Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oh Deer!

Yep deer, earlier than I can remember in the 13 years we have lived here. And most of them are in mid shed and looking pretty darn scruffy too.  And not surprisingly, after I posted about the lame turkey hen not appearing, she did! She limped out of the woods on Tuesday, had a quick peck around the bird feeder and limped back. This has been happening with the hens, singles appearing and not staying long. My guess is they are all on eggs and each is getting away when they can for some quick foraging.

It has been a stressful week. A gross understatement. I can only imagine the long road to recovery the injured and their families will be traveling in both Boston and West Texas and the grief for those lost. As a Massachusetts native, who has grown up on the Boston Marathon and the Red Sox opening day being a Patriots Day tradition, the bombing events hit close to my heart. Next week I'll board a plane and spend a month there, surrounded by those I love in a place, that no matter where I live, will always be my first home.

While the TV or radio was on almost constantly in the background, I kept busy stash busting.  Some productive sewing went on, if little else. I perfected the raglan pullover, bringing it down a couple of sizes and lengthening it.

 I used another fabric from stash for the neck lining and pocket trim. I had planned for some pillows but decided that the striped fabric would make fun pants. Of course I had to cut out the pants to make sure that my pirating of the collar/pocket lining wouldn't take too much away. I hadn't bought this length for a garment. So pants got made too and then a new to me Decades of Style pattern (Tunic with Kimono Sleeves), warranted some attention. I love this pattern for the options it offers to use two or more smaller cuts of fabric. Often I see a fabric I adore but the price for enough yardage to make a blouse, or tunic is prohibitive. A pattern that allows for a yard of this, a yard or so of that is a treasure, especially when it's so darn pretty and comfortable. I made two of them right in a row.

 The dark brown version uses some of my old linen curtain fabric and a one yard piece I bought 14 years ago in Montrose CA.  Finally, a purpose for it!

The lighter version is a beautiful butter colored linen and some heavier organic cotton print. Hemming has not been done yet in either of these pics.

 I made some changes along the way, lengthened the sleeve just a bit and made the center panel a slight a-line.  The proportions of this blouse are interesting and it is one of very few patterns in my stash that look better shorter than longer. My stash is looking pretty meager. I'll have to work on that! ;)

I'm just about ready to go, Peter's medications have been doled out for each day in pill containers, directions for feeding horses tacked up in the barn, dog food loaded in, suitcase down and in packing process, some simple meals frozen for Gene and the house will be cleaned before I go. The blog will get quiet for the next 4 weeks, but I'll be staying up to date with all the bloggers I follow, probably better than I do when I'm here! Everyone enjoy your spring, be safe and happy. I'll see you all at the end of May.

Parting shot: The Ancients, Peter and Miss Bea.


  1. Once more, you post and I read and scroll thru going 'ooh! OOh! Ooh!' I love your choices in fabric, patterns and pups of course.

  2. Have a great trip Theresa. Your wardrobe is fantastic, and you are sure to be casual chic in it back east! I'll miss your blog posts and sewing updates (which help get me into my creative side).

  3. Love the new kimono top.
    Have a great trip!

  4. Love the new tops - fabric combo is super on all!

  5. The ancients...just think of all the knowledge these two have gathered over time.

  6. My neighbor and her sister and brother run in Boston they made across the finish line eight minutes before. Her family was right next to the first blast but moved to the find her just before it went off. They are very lucky to be here.

    Love the the tops very cute!

  7. You will have some of the best clothes for you vacation! Three years ago the local ASG decided that we all should make that DoS blouse pattern and wear it for a picnic. I made mine out of soft rayon (2 colors)and while it turned out ok, it never hit my bust where it felt comfortable so I was able to gift it to one of my clients, she was thrilled. Your striped pants just say "I'm stylin'".
    Have a super time connecting with the folks and friends and we will be waiting for lobster stories when you get back!

  8. mrsmole, the DOS are not for everyone and some do require adjustments like all patterns but I do think they are well done, better in the drafting department than a lot of indie patterns out there. I may be west coast stylin, but the east coast is a bit more conservative with their clothing. We'll see. :)

    Julie, Glad everyone was safe, runners from our area too were there. It truly is an international event.

    Thistle Rose, HA! They have begging secrets the others haven't even thought of. The ancients get their designation by reaching the age 16 and beyond. I have a couple coming up in the wings. Lord, I have some old dogs.

    Judith, Thank you. I had fun with these.

    Cindie, Thank you!

    Mary, I'll be keeping an eye out for any of your blog postings while I'm gone.

    prttynpnk, I do try to be an inspiration but I think you are still more daring than I in color and fabric pattern choices. ;)
    I think your choice of pups rocks too.