Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Inspiration and Inventories

I can't tell you how often other bloggers supply me with inspiration, directly and indirectly.  Last week friend Mary inspired me on a number of different levels. The first was the surprise book she gifted me with as a birthday gift.

Some amazing creations by a collection of 30 talented artists.


 The second was with her blog post about moving sewing operations into a new space in her house. I don't know about any of you, but a pretty dry basement den complete with 40's real wood paneling, fireplace and antler ambiance would be right up my alley. I wish I had one but you can certainly follow Mary's progress here.

What I do have is a big closet to work in. Complete with dogs so that everything is pre-haired.

 I could colonize a room I suppose, but the truth is I love my little sewing enclave.

 And today I love it more since I spent a good portion of yesterday rearranging, cleaning up and taking inventory. Small spaces are best when organized and that too is appealing. No scanning here and there for stuff, everything in its place and all that. I keep a modest fabric stash and a big pattern stash

 and a ridiculous number of sewing machines.

Obviously a natural born collector.  Sewing machines are small, and useful and interesting. Many are such beautiful examples of form and function with obvious design references to the period in which they were manufactured. And sewing of course provides a direct link back in my childhood and people I have loved. So does 1940's paneling for that matter! :)

All the machines are working. The chrome encrusted Morse has made its way back from Mike at Stage Coach Vintage Sewing.

 He has gone through and refurbished it. Cleaning and detailing and adjusting. The Pfaffs all see lots of sewing. Manual, electronic and computerized, I love every one of them. The Brother is always ready for embroidery work and the Singer Genie was a freebie, the machine I wish I had had as a teenager. The hardest working piece of equipment is the Brother serger. No matter what machine I am sewing on, you can be sure the serger will be in use. It has earned a month long spa retreat and will be dropped off right before I leave for Massachusetts along with one of the Pfaffs.

And Mike was kind enough to have this wonderful Kenmore cabinet just begging for a machine.

When we met up Saturday evening, it was a two for;  Morse sewing machine and vintage cabinet. It's in great condition although that front rattan panel is a bit stained. Maybe an era appropriate fabric panel would be nice there?

In farm news, the horses are blowing coat so heavily I can see where they have been lying down and sleeping. There is so much shed hair on the ground it looks like an equine crime scene outline!

Peter had his dental surgery on Friday. He made it through the 8 tooth removal with flying colors. It was a rocky 24 hours afterwards. At his age they are really slow to bounce back
from anesthesia and the opiate pain medication, but by Saturday afternoon, the fog had lifted and he was looking and acting much perkier, and thankfully eating again.

Parting shot: Peek-a-boo, I see you!


  1. Whatr a great space! So tidy and light. I'm glad another dental trip went well. Everyone can get back to reorganizing your stash for you.

  2. Great news about Peter...I was wondering how things went! Love the peek into your sewing nook. Spring cleaning fever has hit you big time...all that organizing! Your machines tell quite a story about your love of sewing.

  3. I loved seeing your little sewing cubby, and can see why you love it........and your machines lined up so sweetly..........ack, makes a girl who collects looms wish she could make such a lovely collage......if only they weren't so heavy.

  4. The line of sewing machines is wonderful and makes me feel much better about my paltry 4. Your sewing nook is wonderful and I noted the nice resting pillow for your supervisors ;-)

    Glad Mr. Peter is feeling so much better, his little eye peaking above the pillow demonstrate his young at heart attitude.

    hugs to all!

  5. what a great room! everything in its place :) i can just see you in there with doggies at your feet and a machine humming away!

  6. Wow, look how neat and organized your space is - makes me want to go do some organizing myself.......but not today........

  7. I love your sewing cubby and admire your machines, fabric organization and pattern collection (which is used over and over, another point in your favor) :-) I am so glad you are enjoying the book-I know you had a hard day with Peter and perhaps the book helped pass the time as you waited for him to recover.

    I continue to work on my linen vest. Only the vents and hem remain. Today I will finish!

  8. Mary, it's true, I love working with many of the same patterns over and over. I like finding new creative ideas for them and of course, just having another comfortable garment in the closet. Love the book and it did ( does) get perused often.

    Cindie, I should have been a personal organizer or something. When I'm in the throes of sewing though, it doesn't look that neat. Honest!

    Heather, I think one of the reasons I like it is because its my closet after all, and I have a measure of privacy. I can try something on, sit at the machine and then slip it on again all without worrying about anything other than a wandering dog visiting up there.

    Martha, I will admit, that with collecting, more is more. :) You feel free to cite me if you want to justify machine number 5. I'm all in!

    Hilary, I certainly hope you are not moving looms around yet!!! I have my fair share of machines and they ARE so easily used, moved and stored. But you have a whole house for looms! Pets to Nurse Ray and just keep resting and healing. I know this time it's gonna be good!

    LA, LOL< you know it doesn't have to be spring for me to get into neat mode.... Thank you for wondering about Peter. We're rather fond of the old toothless boy. I'm handing out biscuit bites in your honor!

    prttynpnk, They have been busy in the reorganization. I love how they want to pre-wrinkle any fabric that might be close to the ground. Must be all part of the special process all my fabric gets. Take that Calvin Klein!

  9. What a great resource for vintage machines! They have some real beauties for sale! Love your sewing space but what happens when you have a huge project that needs all the counter space? You must be building muscles just lifting the extra machines up and out of the way! Your fabrics are so perfectly stored! Wow!

  10. Oh my, I have sewing cubby envy. My space is even smaller, a little nook. Of course it shares space with a wonderful painting studio. That Morse machine is a beauty. I love your pattern organization, in fact, all the organization. My nook will be more manageable when I have sewed up some of my fabric stash. Healing thoughts to Peter and Stella was fabulous in your previous post modeling her Easter bonnet. Has it been 3 years already?