Monday, April 8, 2013

And Then There's Green

I love the color green in almost all of its variations, but not all are easy to wear nor would I want to. This tunic is about as close to acid green as I can get in a solid on my upper body.

 Not really lime green, not quite the portion of yellow to tip it into a true chartreuse or acid green. If I stood next to a late model VW Beetle I would blend in well.

Frankly I wasn't wild over the top when I completed it.

This was a first run through on a new to me pattern and there were some things I didn't like right from the get-go.

 One was the hem points. Just too much for me and I knew it, but the wrap provided possibilities for other interesting hem options, so basically I cut the hems without the points, adding a little length for modifications to come. Instead of a true wrap, I attached the left side right into the side seam of the right side instead of a tie. Ditched the facings and did a nice trim bias binding around the neck line and set the sleeves. Then I cut my hem. I like it much better than those hanging points, but still the top didn't send me. BTW, the fit was surprisingly good for a first timer with so many design changes. I left it on Rhonda and moved onto a quick pair of linen blend pants in navy for my trip.

 I can throw this custom Flax copy pattern together in about 3 hours from cutting to hem. And then I was gifted with a length of fun ribbon and low and behold, it was just what the top needed!

That little something something as prttynpnk says.

 It melded the two pieces together in a nice way too.

As far as farm news, it seems we are a household of the walking wounded. Gene has pneumonia and is pretty miserable right now.  The horses both decided to react to their spring boosters and required a second vet visit for Banamine to get lame horses at least moving towards their food and water. Add two hours of hand walking time afterwards in the rain Thursday evening and it's no wonder I feel like the second coming of the cold. And then there is the uncomfortable and ugly stye in the upper eyelid of my left eye. Geez....forget those haircut pics for a little while Michelle! :) The frosting to the weekend has been a spring snow storm. We have 3-4 inches of white stuff where only a few days ago, spring looked like it had sprung for keeps.  The horses are on the mend though, Peter is back to normal and Gene tells me he is feeling slightly improved with the heavy duty meds and bed rest. So, it's all looking up at least as far as my right eye can tell!

Parting shot: Clash of the Tiny Titans!


  1. Your new outfit is a winner! The ribbon just brings them both together! Bad news about the snow...who needs that in Mid April? Nothing like a husband being sick or a stye in the this Mother Nature telling you that she can make things ugly just before a glorious summer?

  2. LOVE the fact, I may have to pick up that pattern just to try! Ma Nature doesn't want us to get to lazy...and she often throws in a little clinker just to remind us!!! I hope Gene is on the mend!

  3. I love that color! And the top is really cute even if it's not your fav - good modifications made, I like the idea of actually sewing the one side into the seam.

  4. "It's all looking up at least as far as my right eye can tell" made me laugh out loud! If you still have your sense of humor under the avalanche of recent bad 'luck,' you'll be okay. :-)

    BTW, that green with navy looks SO SHARP!

  5. Your green top and blue slacks are perfect. Ribbon did the trick. Wow, you guys are a mess. How distracting! And poor you, the only walking wounded! Hope all are well soon.

  6. Hi Theresa! I love this outfit-cannot resist these two colors together. Hope you are all mending more and more each day. Talk to you later on.

  7. Oh I love green. I can't wear white but I rock wearing green! I particularly like the navy pants with it and the touch of ribbon. What a lovely outfit you have and I am temporarily green with envy! : )
    It sounds like that heavy wind and rain storm we had brought snow to you. Hope the sun comes out soon and dries up all the aches and ills for all concerned. Take care!

  8. I hope you guys get better soon!

    Love the top and pants as you modified it!

  9. I love the navy and green.

  10. I wish you lived closer so we could have a sew fest!