Monday, April 15, 2013

Fond Farewells

Since last September I have been trying to find a home for the donkeys.  It was apparent from early on that they would never coexist well with the horses. I even put my sweet polite Cooper in with them for a couple of days to see if his gentle nature could bring them around. Not happening. Their fear and suspicion level was just too high and too ingrained. It was hard finding a home where they could all stay together. I turned down many offers but finally in March, a good one. They will live on a sanctuary in California, with some mini horses their own size, and should that not work out there is plenty of room for division. They have lived with mini mules and standard sized donkeys in the past. I feel good though because I sent them off to their new homes better than I got them. Their weights were down to normal and their feet in great shape, even the badly foundered mare. They will be on high desert scrub land so little chance of grass founder at least.
They left on Friday. I have to admit, I have missed the morning and evening braying for meals. They always let me know when I was running late.

Also in the farewell category I believe is the lame turkey hen. We saw a small flock of hens and a BIG beautiful tom but no lame hen. She struggled last year to raise her clutch, starting from 10-12 chicks to just 4 young adults as far as I can tell. By the late fall, she was slower and lighter looking than all the others. I might be surprised yet, but I don't think so. Along with the beauty that our location provides and the opportunity to follow our resident wildlife, so to, is the knowledge that their lives are dictated by mostly natural forces and well out of our control. I tamper a little, providing seed for all who come in the fall, winter and spring, a piece of freezer burned meat placed way out on the back 40 for whatever may find it, an extra egg or two doled out here and there for the fox pair and a fresh bucket of water daily for the needy in all seasons.  Our best efforts are to keep the wild places wild and be a good steward of the land.

We have had a stretch of cold weather, changeable grey skies and since it is Monday, it must be a snow day! Two inches of white fell overnight. A little sewing has gone on, a lot of laundry and a big fresh pot of vegetable soup to keep us warm and full over the weekend.

I played with patterns this weekend. Taking my retro raglan pattern and trying something different.

 It needs tweaking, but I love the pull over tunic idea.

I also took the Simplicity pattern (1810A) and did some work with that.

 Making it more A-line and moving it along in evolution towards the perfect tank/cami pattern.

Next iteration will have a scoop neck instead of a V, a little more room in the armholes as the binding does add some bulk, and be shorter for wear under something.

 I had lots of fun with these.

Ghost fabric tag.

There has been a discussion on Pattern Review about making the clothes you really want to wear as opposed to  "pattern fashions", a term coined by Mary in the discussion. To that end, I have finally found a reason to use Pinterest. I have been pinning styles I like and then going through my existing patterns and thinking of ways I can get from them to the pinned look. Talk about sparking creativity and a great way to start learning to draft and drape. It was a push I needed.

 This week the suitcase comes out, the barn will get organized and cleaned a bit, Peter and Miss Bea's pills will be put in daily doses to make life easier for Gene, instructions written, phone numbers updated, packages mailed and the general craziness that precedes my annual exodus to the homeland. Those lobsters must be quaking in their shells!

Parting shot: Smoochie & Robin, just hanging out.


  1. Theresa, you are a wonderful to find the perfect home for the donkeys I am sure they will be just fine in their new home. Robin is watching Smoochie's back for him, it is what good friends do for each other. Love the "dog tag" on your cute blouse.

  2. Your life is so full! It is such a pleasure to read about your plans.

  3. I bet it was bittersweet to see the donkeys pull away, knowing that you'll miss them but you provided a great home for them.
    Hmmmm, I wish I could pull up to your table and have a bowl of that wonderful looking soup. Stay warm!

  4. All your snowy weather has made for some great sewing time!!! I'm glad you've found a home for your little donkeys. That will be one thing off of Gene's list while you're gone.

  5. Whew! I was holding my breath half thinking that you were leaving the blog! So glad you found a home for the donkeys. I love the stories of the wildlife around your place. It reminds me that I need to share the bounty of our area too. My sewing has been moved to Sundays and has temporarily slowed down. I will get my top finished this weekend. Have a wonderful trip and take care.

  6. Smoochie and Robin! Awwww.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the donkeys. I know you were really looking forward to having them.

    The soup looks really tasty no matter what the weather.