Friday, March 8, 2013

Winter Housekeeping

Rather than say we got more snow, let's just think of this as winters way of freshening things up a bit.  Who doesn't like a tidy layer of fresh white snow, even if it only lasts a day or so?

 Not me, especially when I had planned for it with a quick run to town Tuesday morning. A "just in case sprint" should we get "over-cleaned".

Wednesday found me snug in the sewing room, radio on the classical station while I took needle and thread in hand and prepared to hand sew the lining in.

 Penance no doubt for all those other machine shortcuts used on lesser garments. First order of business was attaching the side seam sewing allowances to each other. Lining to garment. Then of course, closing up the front facing and back facing edges. I saved myself a bit of hassle by remembering to iron in the fold crease of the lining, so I didn't have to monkey with rolling that hem while sewing on such a heavy bulky garment.

Oh and before all of that, lined pockets went on. They were a bugger to sew if you want the honest truth. Getting such a bulky item under the sewing machines presser foot was challenging.

The Pfaff handled it all well, but even with the little extra manual lift on that foot, it was a struggle to find a path to set the foot down on the pocket to sew. A sewing machine in a table would have been most welcome! I added little denim stabilizers sewn to the wrong side where the pockets will get the most stress when in use. I fabric glued those in place to hold them while I lined everything up for stitching.

The next time you see this coat, the interesting closures I ordered will be on and the lining hems (bottom and sleeves, more evil hand sewing), will be completed. I have have opted not to do the detachable hood.

 I don't like coat hoods in general and I think the weight of leaving one on this coat will pull the coat into strangle mode around my neck.

I would rather wear a hat if I need head covering and a pretty scarf. I'm hoping for a couple more weeks of cold weather just so I can test out my new coat! Selfish I know.
And Michelle, I'll try to get pics of me in the coat. :)

In other news, Miss Bea goes in next Tuesday for some much needed dental work. Old dogs and their teeth, it is a common battle. While I hate to put her under at 16, she has a strong heart, good constitution and one really nasty back molar. It's got to go. It's a quality of life issue plain and simple.

The horses are in full shed mode and this afternoon, I'm hitting the paddock with shedding blade in hand. I don't know why, but the white parts always seem to release first. It has always been a mystery to me so if any knows why or has a theory, I'd love to hear it.

The fox pair continue to visit us regularly but I'm betting as the snow recedes we'll see less sign of them while they choose a den sight and can again expand their hunting range.

Parting shot: Geez Mom, that post was kind of a snoozer....


  1. Your snow days have turned into SEW days!!! That coat is a work of art! You will really enjoy wearing it. I don't know about white horse hair, but my white cat is shedding like crazy!!!

  2. Lovely snow!! It sounds like you had an enjoyable day of sewing.

  3. Beautiful coat, hope to see it on you, in person!!!...Anna

  4. I haven't noticed Lance shedding at ALL yet. Russell always shed his broad blaze first....

    Looking forward to seeing that handsome coat on you!