Friday, March 15, 2013

16 is the Magic Number


Miss Bea, who just happens to be 16, spent her Tuesday in dental surgery. That means I spent my day in town and distracted until the bundle of strawberry blond joy was out of anesthesia. Strong of heart and constitution she handled the almost 2 hour surgery just fine. She lost 16 teeth out of 42.  OUCH! A few of those were marginal. Dr. Gurney made the decision on the table to take them rather than waiting a year and having her back on the table. A smart move. Today is the first day Miss Bea is feeling more herself and I'm sure  much better since those pesky abscessed back molars are gone. She was given a hearty breakfast. Medication and all consumed and the bowl licked clean. That is what the road to recovery looks like. A shiny bowl.

Needless to say, there hasn't been a lot else going on. Wednesday was eaten up with Bea watching. Surveillance is specialty around here. No drones needed. Yesterday was the standard farm relief day and off to town for groceries and some socializing. Even humans need to be properly socialized! ;)

A pair of my custom pant pattern was thrown together Weds. morning. These in a summer weight linen rayon blend. The color is interesting, it has an almost lavender hue to the beige. Pretty and will blend well with many things. The cute jacket was completed with bright yellow pearl snaps. I have two Decades of Style patterns cut out that are next in line to be tackled. The salon pants I've done once

 but the shaped 1930's capelet is first timer. I have no clue if it will look good on me, but I love the interesting construction and lines.

 I picked an inexpensive Brussels Washer for it in a lovely dark olive green oxford cloth look. The pants are in the same fabric just a different color

We have a couple of new patterns to try out by the Tilton clan, Marcy and Katherine.

Marcy's line is still with Vogue but Katherine has moved over to Butterick. I run hot and cold on many of their designs. Some details I love but often find the patterns ridiculously fussy or drafted for some other body than mine. The  numerous pieced details can make pattern adjustments difficult and I am never so much in love with them to want to spend the time fitting and refitting them if they are far off. Just lazy I guess. If these work though, both will be fun to wear. The dress of course will be shortened to tunic length.

Parting shot: Grit Nose...Are there truffles out there?


  1. Yeah! It sounds like Ms. Bea came through just fine. I know that you were worried. Have fun with your new sewing projects.

  2. Oh poor Miss Bea - so glad she's feeling good now - yes, clean bowl is always a good sign.

  3. Wonderful news that Miss Bea is feeling much better, I imagine you were very worried about her. The jacket looks very cute I am looking forward to seeing it finished.

  4. So sweet puppy. I enjoy all your companions - and Bob!

  5. Such good news on Miss surgery is no fun, and to take! Your sewing plans look interesting and fun. I'm especially intrigued by the DOS jacket/shirt.cape thingie. I also like the 2 Tilton designs you highlighted and in fact, picked them up at the last internet sale.

    We'll be home the 1st. I'm looking forward to catching up with you.