Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bob Rides Again!

Tractor Bob has been freed from enforced snow related down time.


 The way to the paddock feeding area is just barely passable, so we tried making a little run yesterday afternoon. I had cob in the car I needed for this mornings feed too and he certainly needed the run time. He started right up too. It was nice to have Bob back in service, as short lived as I think it's going to be.

 I refer to this typical thaw and melt as the BIG TEASE. We see ground, we can walk from front door to car door without snow boots but keep the mud boots handy! Bare patches, early buds forming and horses shedding are all signs that spring might be on its way. It's a trick. Today and tomorrow we are expecting up to 15 inches of snow. And you just know this is going to be the wet nasty stuff. We never really know how much snow we're going to get. They do a forecast for the Cascades and they do one for the Siskiyous. We live right at the convergence of the two. I usually do best when I add the low totals together. Dart board anyone?

So, I guess I'll sew! And thanks to parental birthday generosity, once I get my coat done, I'll have lots to pick and chose from.

 Such a lovely selection! Linen blends, blouse weight rayon, heavier weight cotton canvas and crisp and shiny shirt weight cotton in ultramarine. What's not to love?

 A few patterns have made it into the stash too, and when I start on them, I'll show you.

The coat moves along. The collar and facings went in well.

 It all made sense and more importantly, it all matched up!

 What you can't see is the time that went into hand sewing the hems, sleeves and bottom, or the catch stitches attaching the facing loosely to the interfacing. Then of course, two rows of machine top stitching on front edges and collar which was done after these pics were taken. I have to admit, I loath hand sewing. Mostly because my left hand always cramps up holding the fabric while I stitch. But the coat is worth it, so hand stitched where needed it is.

And let me direct you to this beautiful piece of crewel work with a fox on it!

 This too was a special birthday gift, and while aged and tattered in many spots, the handsome fox is still regal as he sits and ponders under leaves of many colored ( and now faded), wool. Talk about hand work! I can't even guess how many hours of labor are in this piece. Thank you good friend!

 For fun, lets add a new bag into the birthday mix.

I am not a hand bag person. Like shoes, I can count the number of bags I have on one hand but I fell head over heels in love with this one. It's red and matches Bob! And while it looks like leather and feels like leather, it is a cruelty free option. All Espe bags are.

There is one more wonderful gift on it's way. We'll give that one it's due when it arrives!
Any guessers in the crowd? ;)

Parting shot: Poor Pogo, this seat is occupied!


  1. The old piece of fox fabric is really neat, what do you plan on making with it?

    Peter is keeping his eye on Pogo and Pogo looks like he is asking for some Mom help. Love those soulful eyes.

  2. They are calling for some more winter weather around here for tonight and tomorrow....but not 15 inches!!!! You've made great progress on your coat. Love the detail.

  3. happy birthday :) love the coat :) hi pogo! i have a little blond chihuahua who looks at me just that same way.

  4. What wonderful birthday gifts-I look forward to posts showing them all made up. The fox piece is so special. Today I am planning for B 5473-what type of fabric would you suggest?

  5. Love that new bag!
    Is there another pooch on the way???

  6. Cindie, Me too, but I'm getting use to were everything is tucked. Nope, not a new pooch, although I would be fine with that too! ;)

    Mary, that is SUCH a nice pattern, anything with some body and weight will do really, but one in wider wale corduroy might be fun, a suit weight smooth wool or of course, a heavier cotton canvas or linen.

    Heather, Pogo says send the blond over for a play date! :)

    LA, Right now it's looking like it might fizzle out here to a mere 5-8 inches.

    Martha, I think I'm going to leave that piece of fabric as is. It's too far gone to use for anything. If I can conserve it in some way, I will. Behind those soulful eyes,lies the heart of little demon!

  7. Belated Happy Birthday! I am so far behind in my blog visits. The coat looks fantastic. And to top it all off, I think I have Bob envy. LOL