Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Yep, you've all managed to plow through 500 blog posts here at Runamuck. Honorary Cyber Medals of Tolerance to each and every one of you who come to visit me. And those medals come a with a big hug too. Thank you.

So today calls for something special, a little out of the ordinary and I have JUST the thing.
Yesterday it became apparent to me that I had not been feeding the boys hay all winter, but low grade rocket fuel. I took out my camera to try and get some stills but instead, they put on a show for me. 15 minutes of tearing up and down their roomy paddock. I took over 200 photos. Here are some of the best (some great details if you bigify!), and I justify so many because I rarely include horse photos. I'm making up for my camera ready neglect of the most amazing two horses ever.  Dandy is the red rocket, Cooper the spotted one. Enjoy! This is about as close to wordless as I get! ;)

Dad, Thanks again for the awesome camera.


  1. Thank you....truly awesome!

  2. OMG...I could feel the earth shake as they ran by!!! Such beautiful creatures enjoying a sunny day!

  3. What a joyful experience to "see" two handsome horse run for the pure pleasure of it. Thank you

  4. Those horses are having so much fun, makes me wish I could run and play with them.....Anna

  5. Congratulations on 500 posts! The pictures of the horses are awesome. What beautiful beings they are. We used to call our Twill the red rocket. Alas, no more as she is an old lady dog now.

  6. Renee, Thank you, 500 is a lot. Who knew I would enjoy the blogging so much. I bet Twill still has the heart and soul of a red rocket though...

    LOTL, They are happy horses all in all.

    Anna, Come on over any time, I'll let you run with the herd. They are pretty well behaved about it too.

    Martha, Yes, they run for the pleasure of it even at their advancing ages of 17 and 18.

    mrsmole, not only did the earth shake, but mud and snow and many snorts were sent into the wind. They had a blast and I love to see them self exercise too. Our hilly uneven ground can be a benefit at times.

    LA, You are welcome. I felt they had given me quite the gift while I was out there. Even I have my breath taken away when I see them move out and play like this.

  7. Wow- I love this blog- I get so much from it- you fill your posts with so much beauty and inspirration. 500 more, please!

  8. Hey, congrats on the 500 posts!!! Way to go. I like reading your blog, hearing about the projects that you're working on and hearing about all of your pets that you share your life with.
    Awesome horse photos! They both look like they were having a great time enjoying each other and the sunshine.

  9. The photos are fabulous! And congrats on your 500th blog post. That's an achievement!