Friday, February 1, 2013

One Flake Follows Another

And pretty soon you end up with this.

That was my view Tuesday morning looking up our driveway from the start of it. I walked down to check the road and remembered to take the camera. We added a fresh foot and a half to our already hefty snow amounts.

 Snow pack this year is up to just about normal and the water content is at 114%. Good news really, because this is when we "make hay" for fire season. The valley loves it since they draw much of their irrigation water from the Talent Irrigation System, which runs behind our property. We love it because the longer it lasts, the later our fire season starts.

Of course it had it's minuses too. I was supposed to go to town for some Peter medication and a fun event at Fabric of Vision Tuesday night. I baled on it. It just wasn't worth the drive back up after  9:00 p.m. considering the poor condition of our road and driveway.
I don't mind driving on icy snow covered roads during the day, but at night it's a whole different set of problems. Instead I did what every wife does. I sent my DH for Peter's medication in the afternoon in his 4WD truck. He needed gas anyway, since later Tuesday morning we lost power. The snow was accompanied by high winds and a line went down somewhere. Boy, was it nice to have the generator! We have use of everything but the hot water tank. Electric fences and tank heaters out in the paddock are still powered too.

Sewing came to a screeching halt due to iron failure.

 It had been on it's last legs and finally went kaput Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon the new iron I ordered from Amazon arrived and Thursday it was packed up for return. What is it about irons that make good ones so hard to find? This Black & Decker Classic model had a lot going for it, right until you tried to iron with it.

 The aluminum sole plate, drags and sticks, nothing like the metal sole plates of old that were smooth and seemed to glide over the fabric. In a word, it sucked. So part of yesterdays town run included a stop at the local Bi-Mart for another iron.

 I picked up a T-Fal model. We'll see how it goes today when I finish up that blue summer tunic. Exciting stuff I know....

While I was ironless, I did manage to complete the tie up and do some test weaving on that ancient towel warp. I tried different weight wefts and decided that balanced was the best and will wind some 8/2 cotton to get this warp moving again. Woof woof!

Now you know how conservative I am with my fabric choices.. So it should come as no surprise that I fell head over heels in love with this funny, funky Japanese print on light canvas.

 I scooped up 3 yards and it was a good thing too, because the bolt was gone within 48 hours.

 The animal skin print and dark brown solid are both cotton jersey and you know, I'm thinking I could use a bit of that big cat print with the canvas fabric. Just wait and see if I don't! ;)

That dang black tom scared me out of at least one life, again on Tuesday when snow muffled my morning trek from house to barn. I opened the tack room door and there he was. He flew all over the room and then hissing and snarling headed right for me. In the blink of an eye he was gone through the space between me and the door frame, but I have to admit he took me completely by surprise. The raccoons and skunks at least freeze for a moment or two so we can all get our bearings and politely make way. The barn cats too were just as taken aback. They craned their necks over the snow bank he leapt (in a single bound!), no doubt wondering whatever got into him!
And finally, Mr. Fox visited our front deck again yesterday morning. Gene spied him. I was sadly in the shower. But on the way to town I got my own treat, two handsome coyotes crossing the road around mile post 11 on Highway 66. We hear them sometimes but up here in the vast woods, rarely see them.

Parting shot: Peace and harmony.


  1. Cute fabric!!! I always wonder what happens to all those returned electronic devices like irons and hairdryers that don't work properly. And I also always wonder why your animals get along so well, my dog and cat are barely on speaking terms.

    Stay warm!

  2. Your pictures really made me feel chilly...but warmed up with the parting shot!!! They have the right idea!!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your iron woes, you are right it is very hard to find a good iron these days.

    Roger is one smart cat, find a spare terrier and cuddle up...ah, warm tootsies.

  4. I just scored a mini-mangle on Craigslist. I still haven't used it, but I'm anxious to - it will be awesome for finishing woven things (that I still have to wind and dye warps for...). I'm melting off finally, but it's still icy in the mornings. Tang's getting a new blankie - her old one is just not waterproof anymore and is missing a surcingle strap and she looks like a bag lady wearing it! Since we're coming into the time of year when we get rain, I want her covered when needed.

    I'm glad you like that fabric... I guess I'm a little more conservative!!

  5. Yikies! we don't have your snow, what a difference elevation makes.

    I love my Rowenta iron, I'm on my second one, have bought them at Costco at a good price.......would still be on my first one if I hadn't repeatedly knocked it to the floor when I walked by the ironing board.

  6. Cindie, Yikes, I would love to send some your way! ;) Yep, it's all about elevation around here. But oh so interesting to be able to enjoy two very different climates with just a 20 minute drive, or should that be dive, to Ashland.

    Laura, OHHHHH, mangle envy. Please pics and let us know how it works. It just wouldn't do to have a Tang looking like a bag lady. Too bad I have an extra blanket that has been hardly used. Might not fit her though..
    The fabric is rather out there, but oh heck, you only live once and it will be made up into a fun comfortable simple tunic.

    Martha, The new iron seems to work well. Fingers crossed that it lasts. Aren't the two of them dear together! Maybe there is some new appreciation on Rodger's part after the Lucy weeks!

    LA, I can't resist taking those friends shots. I don't think we'll ever have another cat as terrier centric as Rodger.

    LOTL, I think in part they all get along because Rodger is one good natured cat.He likes the dogs and he wasn't a young kitten when I brought him home either but maybe he was raised with them as a youngster or his Mother was and didn't pass on any fear of them.

  7. I appreciate your perspective on the snow pack. It is menat to be for many reasons. Already I see if we don't get one soon we are going to start witha bad maple sugar season and then too many rodents and then no run off in spring. And share about the iron, please! I hate my two irons but can't seem to find a good one yet. My pet peeve is the very sharp pointed front that catches in my fine fabrics and yes, the not smooth sailing surface. Sweet peace and harmony, wow.

  8. As I read your blog, snow piled up outside my office, almost an inch now! Woooo! I love the furry Yin-yang!

  9. The blue top is looking really nice so far and love the contrast fabric. Irons are a real hassle when they die. My LauraStar generator iron has been good for 8 years and works very long hours every day like me so I appreciate that it steams forever and only just needed a new valve knob recently to keep going. Peace and harmony is just darling!

  10. The snow looks lovely! I am a snow driving whimp having lived around a coast line most of my life so I am happy to enjoy your snow through the pictures. Don't get me started on irons. They just don't make them well or to last anymore. I used to get Rowenta irons. They were great at first and worth the price but now they are no better than the inexpensive ones you can pick up at BiMart. I do have a lovely gravity feed steam iron but it needs a hook in the ceiling to hold the water tank. It is a dream to use when it is set up though. I got it when I was a sewing "professional".

  11. Great post! What a wonderful view you have-it makes me want to strap on my skis and head down the road just to explore.
    Best wishes on the iron hunt. It seems like it's getting harder to find a good one. I bought a Rowenta a couple of years back, but it leaks which is so annoying. I found an old Rowenta at a thrift store and it works much better. Go figure.
    Nice find on the Japanese fabric.