Thursday, February 7, 2013

Button Up and Batten Down

For those on the east coast, it's going to get rough. Old timers like myself may remember the Storm of '78. If you don't, you can see pictures here of its monumental impact on the
New England area.  From the shores of Hull and Revere where they withstood (or didn't), four high tides, to the thousands of folks stranded in their cars on major roadways like 128 for days. It was an event you never forget. Back then there weren't cell phones or internet or tweeting either. If the phones went down, you really were out of touch. You had Michael Dukakis on the tube in a sweater for comfort. Oh MY! ;)

Today while watching the endless weather reports and senate hearings, I had another marathon cutting session. I finally took that cashmere coating down and did something with it. Coat and lining are cut out and ready to go.

 A couple of new patterns slipped in too. Who could resist something fun like leopard leggings?  I will admit, using animal print ( not printed animals!), is a stretch for me.

 A cute Indygo Junction vest pattern also made it into the mix.

 I did this in a small piece of wool I got to go with the coat but decided I didn't want to go that route (and cut this lovely wool for a few accents) so a different match was made. It will be trimmed out in dark brown linen. I hope this one works out well, because I think it would make a cute and comfortable summer top too. I'm losing the pockets on this pattern for now. Lastly, a really fun retro print cotton (I used fabric this for a set of napkins and fell in love with it), to be made up as a blouse. If nothing else, I'll match my table linens!

There are some napkins in progress and a few other small items to make it to the cutting table.  My garment sewing may be saying it's still winter, but I sure am enjoying bringing some bright spring colors into some of my other sewing.

The blue top is done but for buttons and buttonholes.

So stay safe people, stock up and get some cooking done for reheating easily, get the board games out, the pets in to snuggle, the extra blankets, the shovels, the boots and winter woolens, fill extra water jugs, charge up and get ready to power down and make the best of it. It's about all you can do.

Parting shots: I got your back.


  1. What's the pattern for the Blue Top? I love it! I could see that for me in the summer in linen...

  2. It looks like you have your work "cut out for you!" That's a stack of sewing just waiting for a little attention! I think the pups have the right idea...just snuggle up and wait it out!

  3. Looks like you are battening down the hatches! Hope it doesn't last too all your sewing plans...J

  4. Laura, the patterns is Vogue 8585, it's an OOP one but you should be able to find it on etsy or ebay. I did. It would work wonderfully for linen.

    LA, Cute! I do love to have things ready to go.
    Those plastic buckets are so fun and useful. Take the fabric out and you can dye in them too! We'll all be watching the news today and tomorrow. I'm not in this nor'easter, but my folks are right on the north shore of Boston.

    Judith, I'm battening down in sympathy. I'm across the country in OR, but as written above, family near the Boston area of Massachusetts. As to plans, well sometimes things don't always follow the straight and narrow!

  5. Hee Hee animal print leggings I love it and may have to follow you down that trail. I love leggings! What sort of knit are you using? And the cashmere coat...who wouldn't love that.

    Snuggle up doggies!

  6. I love a sewist prep for bad weather! Milk, bread, flashlights, invisible zippers, back up generator, new patterns......

  7. I can't wait to see that Indygo Junction vest pattern finished - it's really cute, I may have to pick that one up.

  8. Lucious leggings!!! Cashmere "anything" is to die for!
    Your linen fabric is just the cutest with such a perfect motif and scale...whether it be table linens or lady tops.

  9. ooh cant wait to lay my eyes on that coat once you sew it up :)

  10. Neat patterns! It looks like fun sewing ahead for you.
    Happiness is having a warm chair and a buddy to share it with.

  11. I hope you're still snug and safe. The weather has been a doozy, hasn't it? At least you have plenty to do if you need it. :)