Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First Dibs

Free patterns! If you see one you want, let me know via the comments. First come first served. You should be able to see the sizes if you enlarge the photo but if not, just ask! All are uncut/original folds etc. Please leave an e-mail contact or e-mail me so I can get an address for mailing from you. :)

In other news, Fabric of Vision had the front window busted out (busted in actually) at some wee hour Monday morning. Owner and friend Sandi got called by the police at 2:30 a.m. and had to wait until a glass place opened up before it could be boarded up. I figured it was much more fun sitting downtown keeping someone company than cleaning house so headed down and we waited together. Thank god Starbucks opens early! :) It was a long morning, but finally a local company came and got some plywood up and was able to clean the glass mess inside. We joked that she should put a sign on the wood saying it was a meteor strike, but Ashland being Ashland, someone probably would have thought aliens or a super secret branch of the government was responsible. Most likely it was some club goer, far gone in their cups, maybe pushed by a friend in similar condition. Nothing taken, no blood or severed body parts. Just one of those things.
I had some thoughtful feedback from Valerie on Detroit and I am linking here to her comments on my previous post. Check it out, some about the author Charlie LeDuff, others on Detroit itself. My father also added to the conversation privately with this article link and an additional book suggestion; "Punching Out--One year in a Closing Auto Plant" by Paul Clemens. He has this in hard copy and it will be waiting for me when I arrive in New England come April. Thank you both for putting some additional resources and information at my fingertips and for others to see too!

Monday also marked a drastic change in our weather. Good bye warm sunny thaw, hello winter, again. This week will be one of cold little clippers dropping down from the great north, bringing just enough snow at each shot to make the roads slick as all get out and freshen up the tree flocking. Nuisance snow! On request yesterday, Gene started a fire in the fireplace.

 After cleaning I plopped into the comfy chair, complete with Kindle and critters and we enjoyed some quiet time with a crackling fire while the snow whirled and whitened outside.
Parting shots: Juno, enjoying the sun while it lasted.


  1. I know exactly how Juno feels....enjoy those sun rays while they last! But, a good book by the fireplace with your buds is heaven, too!

  2. The owl andirons in your fireplace are really neat with their glowing eyes. Juno looks content, warm and happy - a purrrrrfect spot to be in.

  3. Ah, that fire looks so nice and toasty! What a great way to spend a day with a fire, some furry companions, and a good book.
    Take care,

  4. Juno, I am with you, take a nap in the sunshine. Since you are a coast away I feel pretty sure that it was not my mother running into the fabric store by hitting the gas and not the brake.

  5. I do a Juno in the kitchen at high noon...feels so good!

  6. That Burda Young pattern looks like something I could wear when crawling around pinning up hems. That photo of Juno close up is just the [picture of we need some of that sunshine back!!! You owl andirons are just too cute. Sorry to hear about Sandi and her broken window...all those little pieces will be a pain to vacuum up for weeks in the future. Are you packing yet?