Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Cellarette

Those of you who guessed it was a cocktail bar were correct! The word I was looking for was cellarette although narrowly it means a wine bar, it now is a term used to apply to many of these smaller home art deco bars. Popular in the 30's through the 60's. There are still beautiful examples of them floating around in mahogany, teak, burl walnut, rosewood and some fabulous blonde woods like birch. When you pull the top door open the lid also pops up and a light comes on inside.

 Our light is not working. This one from the England has the original light and fixture but the wiring has been cut as per UK regs for antique electrics. We'll be changing it over using a small gallery light like those used for paintings. For those that might be interested in one for themselves or some other wonderful English small or antique, let me give a shout out to Antika in Seattle WA.  Meridee and her husband Fevzi are a delight to deal with. Prices are EXCELLENT and shipping costs very reasonable. My little bar came UPS in a wardrobe box and packed so perfectly not thing was damaged.

Now for the drawing winners. Anna, winner of the yarn and Thistle Rose, winner of the pattern! Ladies, I'll be contacting you for addresses or you can contact me if you read this.
Congratulations!! I hope you like your respective prizes. Thank you everyone for the comments and participation. :)

Now, onto Lucy news! She is settling into her new home and well on her way to becoming a much loved and appreciated family member. I am told that along with the great hunting instinct she also has that terrier drive to dig and is going whole hog with it.
She is not missing the cold and snow here and snuggles down in bed, under the covers (where all proper small terriers believe they belong) with her new person nightly. Hooray for Lucy! And no they did not keep her either of her names but picked a new one.

The thaw has continued, the Jeep is back in happy service and our driveway has been groomed to almost perfect. I am still hand carrying hay to the Cooper and Dandy and we stage a bale of hay up by the donkeys but it takes no longer really than to use Bob. That part of our farm just has too much snow for the Jeep to do a good job. A lot of it is plowed but Bob is small and the way narrow and slanted and kind of scary getting a small tractor turned around on such a funky slope as it is.

The constant melting and refreezing of the snow has diminished it's depth ( from 3plus feet to around 2.), but also made it crusty enough for wildlife to travel over easily. Our turkeys just came back today!

 There is now a group of 7 or 8, and my lame old hen is with them.

 I didn't see the young Tom, but he may be with a boy bevy!

 We are expecting rain and snow tomorrow and into the evening. This will be the first storm we've had this season that everything we need is working. Gene worked on getting our generator back together today also. It runs!!!

Parting shots: Oh my, the camera's on ME!

 Shall I pose?
Okay, I'm over it.


  1. The cellarette is a lovely piece. Good find. Good shots of the turkeys too. Also glad to hear your generator is in good order. That's a piece of winter equipment on our list!

  2. What a great piece of furniture! And I see you have it loaded up ready to go!

  3. Beautiful turkeys - they don't look bronze, but more gray. There is an "Oregon Gray" strain, and I'm wondering if that's what they are?

    I got home tonight - I'll have to scramble to get things buttoned up before the weather hits...

  4. Theresa, thank you for the pattern! Love the cellarette pictures, looks perfect for lovers of Mad Men or Dr. Who.

  5. Hi Teresa, I hope you meant Anna and not Anne for the yarn, as I did request the yarn. You can contact me at annagrammo at gmail. Thank you so much, and I love that cabinet. Wish I had space for one. Good to know you are getting "unsnowbound"....

  6. Leigh,The generator is such a useful thing! The cellarette, not so much, but I can live with something that is just fun and pretty for its own sake.

    Cindie, Oh, lots of glasses but not much booze, but there is a little nice scotch underneath for sipping!

    Laura, I looked up the turkey sub-species and I think these are Merriam's. Not near enough white on them for the Oregon Gray from what I can tell but who's to say if they have fraternized with another subspecies
    or not. Honestly, they almost look more like Gould's with their purplish feather sheen.

    Thistle Rose. You are welcome! Yes, the little bar does look like something Dr. Who would have in the tardis doesn't it?

    I did Anna and fired you off an e-mail. The bar is really such a small piece of furniture, just barely 24" wide and about 16 inches deep when closed. We are slushbound now. The great melt is almost as bad as deep snow and not half as pretty.