Thursday, January 10, 2013

Calling "Uncle"

There are some things in life that just are. Death and taxes are often mentioned, but I might also add to that list dogs that respect cats and dogs that don't. I will say that after 20 plus years of terrier experience (and many more years with dogs in general), that I have only had two dogs that truly were out for blood when it came to cats. The first was a little Cairn Terrier male that I fostered, the second, Lucy. I tried every training trick in my book
and made little to no progress. Lucy would just assume kill Rodger as look at him and that folks is a fact and not uncommon in terriers (and many other breeds), especially when they have not been raised with a cat who, just like the pups Mom, at a young age instills a certain healthy dose of respect. But fear not, Lucy's breeder, who has a beautiful breeding program with many champions and English imports stood behind this puppy and was able to come up with an ideal home for this winsome little girl. I made the pass off yesterday and Lucy will spend a little time in her home digs before heading down to California's central valley where she will be lavished with attention as the only dog of a single woman with a thriving seed growing business. Lucy and her new owner will spend every day overseeing acres of production. A perfect situation for this beautiful active pup. Let me also reaffirm that buying from a reputable breeder is so important. They will and do stand by their breeding. My hats off to Hans both for putting such a lovely dog on the ground and for happily taking a bad situation in hand and getting little Lucy a new home. Lucy's original owners should have done this from the get go. Rodger has free run of the house again and is curling up with his little canine family as he pleases. All's well at Runamuck!

On sewing news, I've been poky. I spent a good portion of my time with
Lucy and she was a marvel of intelligence. While here, she learned to stay and wait as doors where being opened and shut, to back up to give room, to sit and wait her turn at biscuit time and we had a good start on "Leave it". But I did get one thing finished.

 This is my favorite Indygo Junction Cowl Tunic pattern. I had this lovely piece of Japanese cotton just screaming to be made into a casual everyday easy to wear top and I couldn't be happier with it. Big pockets, longer length for either jeans or leggings, a cowl that looks great with a turtleneck or cami under it and not so low that you couldn't forgo either of those things.

 The print is actually a stylized Chinese "Year of" selection; rat, dog, rooster, monkey etc. and was a purchased early last year. Additional available yardage long gone.

 I ran a bit short on the fabric since at the time of purchase I didn't have a pattern in mind, but with some left over linen blend denim, I was able to coax this pattern into completion. And it might just work for Pretty Grievance's Jungle January. I mean it IS an animal print! :) But then again, with all the dog hair that seems to find it's way onto and into my clothing fabrics, it could all be considered "animal print".

Also in progress is a long vest being worked up in some good durable Shetland wool. This is not soft next to your skin stuff. Instead, hard wearing durable and warm come to mind, as does the need for a lining. The pattern I'm using is unlined, so I have drafted one and since I used a plain silky black muslin, I decided to spiff it up a little with some machine embroidery. I'll give you a peek.

 In seam pockets still need to be done before the lining is bagged, but I'm hoping I'll have it finished today.

The weather went from great to gawd awful. A day of rain on top of snow was not ideal.
The driveway turned into 6 inches of impossible to navigate deep slushy snow. Gene plowed but also had the benefit (and need) of chains on both his vehicles. The Subaru made it out yesterday but failed the last hill coming home and sits sideways about 20 feet shy of his parking space. I have been assured that it will be easy to move once we get a good hard freeze up today or tonight. If not, there is always the tow chain. More snow and colder temps are predicted through the weekend. I'm glad I got all my shopping done yesterday. The car may have been one dog shy coming up, but it was loaded with tons of food and feed.

Parting shot: Last day. Me, watching Lucy, watching Juno, watching birds!


  1. You were so wise to find Lucy just the right home for her...she'll love being top dog for her new person. Love the sewing projects!

  2. Lucy will get along wonderfully with her new Mom and it sounds like she will be a busy little girl. Glad to hear that Roger and company are once again comfortable and safe in their home.

  3. Wow, that had to be a heart wrenching, time consuming several weeks to get to that conclusion. Especially while you have all been "snowed in". Hats off to you for working through to a positive resolution. Happy new home to Lucy!

  4. Good on you for solving the Lucy problem - little Lucy is going to be one spoilt dog in her new home! Love your tunic, and it is def a contender in Jungle January...J