Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mini Mysteries, Guessing Games and Give-Aways

Ah yes, it's going to be one of those blender type posts. Throw it all in and see what you end up with! But lets get to the guess and give-away part first. This lovely little cabinet is from the UK and has a very specific purpose once you open it up.

 Can you guess what its secret is and the name sometimes used to refer to these antique cabinets?  This one is probably from the 1930's.

There are two items for give-away, the first is two skeins ( enough for a generous pair of socks) of Koigu KPPPM in lovely pinky purple colorway

 and the second is a Hot Patterns Miss Moneypenny Pussycat Blouse Pattern multi-sized from 6-26. The pattern has never even been removed from the envelope. I believe this is an OOP pattern. Certainly a pretty one.

When you guess, leave your preference as to yarn or pattern.  From the correct guessers, I will make two piles, one for each of the give-away items and hold a blind drawing. If there is only one correct guesser, they take all the spoils. The winners will be announced next posting, so you have at least two days and probably three or four. Have at it!

Now my little mysteries come in the form of footprints in the snow, or should I say body prints! The other night something, lept through the snow at about 5-6 foot intervals. Whatever it was it had some spring to it and where it landed, not a very big nor heavy body. My guess is a fox or a small bobcat. The distance was too great for the barn cats and there is no reason they would be leaping through the snow with all their little pathways.
Maybe a fox or cat tracking a mouse under the snow?  It was not a raccoon. Too far a leap and the body indentation was way too shallow. Raccoons are too heavy. Too small for a fisher or marten.

Now we did spy our resident Grey Fox on the front deck Thursday night. Gene saw him from the front door when he went to turn off the porch lights. They stared at each other for half a minute and then off he went. Gene says he is quite furry and healthy looking. No doubt looking for sunflower seeds as the birds tend to scatter them around from the hanging feeder we have off the porch. In general, tracks around the house and barn have increased. Raccoon, rabbits and squirrels, little mole and mouse paw prints here and there.
The January thaw is in progress. The valley is suffering under a strong inversion layer but up here, we have been having sunny warm days with temps climbing almost into the 50's and nights moderating around 20 degrees. It won't last and the snow is still way too deep for riding ( and now getting quite crusty too), but the animals are all enjoying the respite from wet weather and bone chilling cold.

In the sewing room, a simple pair of elastic waist black corduroy pants has been completed. This was leftover stash fabric and a try out on Connie Crawford pants. I wanted to see how the cut and fit was. Every designer has their own shape drafting the crotch area and some are comfortable and some are not. These were good although it also reaffirmed that I hate inseam side pockets in pants. I ended up just getting rid of them all together. Next pair I'll do my own pocket thing. On Rhonda I am doing a tissue fitting for a duffle coat.

 Classic camel colored cashmere blend wool that I scored off of Sewitsforsale list for a very inexpensive price and a 50's stole pattern has been cut out (line jumper in the sewing order I might add!), and is awaiting today's assembly.

 More progress to follow in future posts.

2013 certainly has gotten off to an interesting start.  January 7th marked the year anniversary of Dennett's passing. I still miss him, but am oh so grateful to still have Peter, who is now 18 going on 19 and Miss Bea who is no spring chicken at 16. This year, like most other years, will have its fair share of both joy and sadness. As always, I'm optimistic that the former will outweigh the latter.

Parting shot: The always happy (and wiggly when awake), Smoochie!
Now, get to guessing!


  1. OK Teresa, I am guessing that it is a cocktail cabinet, and when opened, displays liquors, glasses and whatever else to make a cocktail. I choose the yarn...

    Thanks, Anna annagrammo at gmail dot com

  2. Smoochie is my favorite! I think its a Rivington cocktail bar cabinet. I hope it has mood lighting! I have heard them called a Tantalus but I think that might really be something smaller than this. If that is not the name then I don't know that part of the answer.

    The pattern the pattern!

  3. Oh, so you're the one hogging that sun and warmer temps! I've seen sun in town but nothing at our house - it's frozen fog here and some days not above freezing - it's getting least we don't have your snow too!

  4. im always amazed at the amount of lovely things you accomplish! Your cabinet is made of good wood so it has to be designed to be used in a place of honor...Two guesses.first is liquor cabinet also known as a dry sink,next could be a little writing desk aka secretary. you have a great eye for vintage finds and im always envious. i can think of a hundred uses for that little gem! as far as the tracks go...i think you may have a tigger in your hundred acre wood or possibly a heffalump.;)

  5. It must be a Rivington from the 50's
    See a description of what might be inside:

  6. For a shot at the shirt patterin, this cabinet actually reminds me of the old dry sink cabinets used before plumbing became available. The hinged lid lifts up so a wash basin can be filled - or else little valuables could be hidden in there. And the front behind the doors stored towels, shaving gear etc. Haven't seen one in ages...
    And you cashmere fabric sounds beautiful - can't wait to see it finished...J

  7. Maybe you have an otter? Just kidding.

    Think the cabinet might be for cocktails. Or it might be a radio cabinet. Or maybe a sewing cabinet - it looks very much like the sewing cabinet one of our neighbors had in her living room.

    Hoping for the pattern, it would look wonderful sewn up in hand woven fabric.

    Smoochie is such a character.

  8. I'm guessing a cocktail cabinet (bar) as well. I'd love the yarn – unless you're willing to SEW the pattern to make me the blouse. :-)

  9. My first guess would be a writting desk next a liquor cabinet. No matter what's it used for sure is pretty.

  10. It looks like a radio cabinet to me...the bottom bit houses the big speakers...I could be way off though!! :)