Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank YOU One and All

Thank you everyone (both on blog and privately) who sent words of comfort, sympathy, beauty and wisdom. You all helped to ease the immediate grief in ways I could never, ever explain in words. Heartfelt hugs to you all and all your fur friends too!

Needless to say Sat and Sunday were lost days, but it is virtually impossible to have a sustained pity party around here with all of this

and this.

So things are getting back to a new normal PDQ. Peter had a rough time too and I made a trip to town Sunday so he could get out for a good long car ride, some visiting and just feeling special. It helped us both.

Now, I had promised some weaving content before we derailed and I've actually made some additional progress.

Having the Julia in the house proper is working as far as use but the location is very poor for lighting. I've had to move the clip on light from my warping board to the loom. A pain really, as it also needs to do duty on the board for the shawl warp. This warp is for single prayer flags and I had decided not to do pattern wise what I have done in the past. I pulled a simple pattern from "Favorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave" by Tina Ignell. There are so many projects of interest but I thought this pattern (Flowery Wool Rug page 117), would translate well down to mini size for the flags and it has!

It is dense, it shows off the given flag color much better and is just more stable/less sleazy than the previous warps. I'm doubling up the weft yarns as I have multiple cones in the same color families. Not always the same exact color so there will be some depth. I ran red first as it is an easy color to spot threading mistakes with. There were none. The tie up though was pretty funny. For the life of me, I couldn't remember what sunk and what raised on the draft. The light bulb eventually clicked on
long enough for my to write it down and we were in business again. Geesh, I need to warp these looms up more! ;)

I've opted not to do a traditional long flag for Dennett, but I did want the silk that is being woven into his flags to be different and special. Sandi at Fabric of Vision came to the rescue with a little piece of saved silk taffeta given with hugs and comfort and a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino.

There will be all sorts of single prayers in this run, not just for Dennett.

I was hoping to get Hey Baby Delta loom warped but it didn't happen. I did have time to think about how best to handle those multiple little skeins of different wools. They are low yardage although there are 12 of them.

I am going to wind the warp directly from the swift in a random order.

I think it will be faster than doing 12 tiny balls and then winding. I'll drag the swift attached to the bench over to the board and give it all a whirl this morning. The sett will take a bit of playing around with and I'll make it as wide as it will go doing a length of 4 yards +-.

In sewing news, not much mojo there, but I'm gearing up for another cutting session.
A few new patterns and a few old favorites. I love my denim cargo pants so much I'm going to repeat the multi pocket style in a nice deep brown brushed twill I have. They will be top stitched, although not in a contrasting color, just close to the same brown.

Parting shot-Stella: Watching you watching me.


  1. Oh dear, I missed the post about sweet Dennett. So sorry, I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet, even after they have had a good long life. Looks like the troops are rallying to comfort you.

  2. I missed the post about Dennett too. I'm so sorry for your loss. Dennett had a special place in my heart and memory too. I'm glad you had so many years together, and glad that you already have some therapeutic weaving at the ready.

    Hugs to you and your entire pack,

  3. Thank you Renee and Sue, for your words of comfort
    and hey, you didn't really miss the post either! :)
    Gosh darn but those many years seemed to have flown by.