Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sergers: The Case for Demonic Possession

I'll grant you, I shouldn't complain too much about my serger. It's been reliable, it's been a workhorse and it was a gift. But I'll tell you, when they go south, they end up close to Patagonia. I spent 3 hours working on mine on Thursday. I learned a lot about it too, like how to re-thread the thing multiple times. I got pretty fast too. I learned tweezers and a threader are things of beauty for this piece of equipment and I also learned, that demons possess it on occasion. The gremlins are still a bit active, but they have been subdued. I need to conquer tension adjustments and I'm betting that should completely banish any residual devils the machine might have. For weaving it is very handy, for garment sewing almost a necessity. I have many sewing machines, all I'm pretty comfortable with tinkering about, and one serger that still mystifies me concerning its inner workings. At some point this year I think it prudent to add a newer one and keep this one as a spare or have the luxury of one set up for light threads, the other dark. If anyone has some serger wisdom, I'm all ears. I'm looking at the little Brother 1034D which seems well priced, pretty reliable and well liked. I think Brother in general puts out a nice product for the dollar.

Sergers aside, I did get some sewing done. Tuesday was spent cutting. I like being able to grab a project and go. These are the fabrics that made it to the table this week.

Quilt pieces, I couldn't resist these fabrics and wanted to see how the squares would look. Such happy fun prints.

The coat lining was finally cut out and I'm gearing up for my first attempt at winter outwear.

Some lovely black and white wool mini check was cut into for a Quincy top. I am going to have a lot of style fun with this. Black collar, large black roll back cuffs and some pockets. I've cut this pattern just a bit longer than usual since I am viewing it more as a jacket than a top.

The retro looking alarm clocks will be made up in a comfy pocketed duster of sorts. I love these kinds of patterns actually. They are fun, comfortable and can be pretty versatile. The trim is a rich plummy brown silk matka.

Last up was a light cotton top from a Vogue pattern.

This is what I was serging when demons took over. Maybe they were angels, because this top is doing nothing for me. I thought the squared off V neck would be nice looking. It isn't.

In fact it's neither fish nor fowl and I disliked the scrub top look so much I have recut it into a sleeveless version of a well liked Simplicity pattern. Today's project to get done and set aside for warm weather wear.

There has been weaving going on too.

I'm into flag 8 of the prayer flag warp and progress has been fairly steady on the mixed wool warp. Half the bundles have been measured on. The idea of going right from swift to warping board worked out.

It's a little slow but still faster than making balls and then putting the warp on the board. I've enjoyed it too, as the yarns are so pretty. These need to be tied up into a bundle and a new one started with the rest of the yarns left.

Bulbs have been planted (finally!), rocks moved into place for a marker, some general outdoor clean up, a fun dinner out, some good time for play and reflection. A full week
indeed. And tonight, Patriots vs Broncos! ;)

Parting shot: Caught red pawed, hot footing it off after stealthily stealing Stella's ball!


  1. what a whole lotta sewin' is goin' on there on the opposite coast from me! i love what you chose to make the clocks into. In fact, I adore most of your patterns and usually have to talk myself out of buying one of them as I don't see me sewing clothing again anytime soon. This is the year of some small seasonal quilt wallhangings for my office and some for my sister's home. It is also the year of at least one quilt for the all-bed, bedroom at the condo as I dropped an economy amount of dollars at Quilting on the Bay in Panama City, Fl today. it will be stunning! easy! fast! did I say easy? anyway, love your sewing and the parting shot is so cute too!
    denise/deBrat in chilly Mexico Beach, FL this weekend

  2. You are busy! I love every pattern you are working with, and the fabrics are all lovely. This has been the year of neutrals for me, and boy, am I bored. I am also not buying any fabric (well, I did just get a great deal on some rayon challis from a PR member). Your parting shot is terrierific.

    My farrier was out this morning to trim and he brought his JRT (Rudy). Rudy is 10 1/2yo and deserves his name. He recently tangled with a coon and cost Ken 300 bucks. Rudy snarled at me from the truck!! Bad Rudy.

  3. Ok wherever you buy fabric I want to go too! My local store is all about cheesy fleece, no Fab alarm clocks or bunnies?! So jealous!

  4. Denise, making quilts is a skill all to its own and I stand up and applaud you! I'm about to get my feet damp again on quilts after many years of not sewing them. I like easy fast and stunning. Don't forget to show us!
    And thank you on the pattern/fabric combo's. I sometimes don't get it right, but with these I think I did.

    Mary, most of the patterns I've done before, well half. ;)
    The Verona coat and the Sarah's wardrobe duster are never been trieds but I'm hopeful as both companies have been successful in other patterns (Sewing Workshop and Indygo Junction).
    Dogs and their trucks or cars can be tricky even with the marshmallows. I have a couple that would snarl too but out of the vehicle, lets just say a completely different dog. And Rudy was bred to go get those varmints, although boy, he's lucky to be around after tangling with a coon. Only $300 I say, it could have been much worse. I tip my hat to Rudy for all his terrier gumption. Aren't they positively stupid sometimes? ;)

    Come on over, we have a great little fabric store! Lots of Japanese imports and one of a kind garment wools, cottons, silks and linens. The retro clocks just came into the store while the sale was on, same with the large mushrooms. Had to have them. They have a large retro typewriter print too...

  5. Sergers scare me....the serger headline scared me...You're much braver than I am!!!

    You're doing an amazing amount of sewing! Very cool! I love the dog fabric especially!!

    Planted bulbs? Outside?? It's single digits here...although rumor has it it will be warmer tomorrow. And we're snow-covered too. Perhaps it will melt (it's just 4 inches or so)....or I won't see the ground til spring!


  6. I don't have a serger but even if I did, I could never cut out fabrics like you do. I did manage to cut out a tunic this week and I think it took me two hours, since I first had to cut out the pattern. I'm jealous!

  7. Love the quilt fabrics! And the ball thief, LOL. I actually have that serger, the Brother 1034D, but I've never really learned how to use it. I got it because of all the good reviews and the price. We moved shortly after I got it though, so like many the other things I love, is on hold.

  8. A little late chiming in but...I have an old Bernina/Bernette 004D "Fun-Lock" serger, made back in the early 90's. It is hard to thread but they all were. I remember when I bought it taking a class at the store on how to use it.

    However, once you get it threaded you leave the loopers threaded (maybe with grey?) and just change the needle threads to match your project. However, if you opt to change the looper threads you can tie on and serge until the threads come through to a point. Works for me.

    I think the demon has possessed your cutting!

  9. Leigh, You'll get back to it sooner or later. It is a good price on that serger isn't it.

    Oh, Sharon, I hope we get to see your tunic. It takes me a while to cut out too. I spend a short evening pulling patterns and cutting them if needed, then the next day, pinning and cutting all the fabrics/patterns I've picked for a given run of sewing. Good scissors are a must and use different ones for pattern cutting and fabric cutting.

    Sue, well we didn't have snow until the weekend, so I did get some bulbs in, impossible now though. Isn't that dog fabric the cutest? We refer to it as the Stella fabric. I have some set aside for a fun little spring blouse too.
    I really need to take a serger class somewhere. Then it would be so scary I'm sure.

  10. I feel your pain with your serger! When they are working, they are wonderful tools, and when they aren't they are a royal pain in the backside.
    I love the mixed warp that you are working with.
    A stolen ball is probably that much more fun to play with ;-)