Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Do Over

Well, I was sure optimistic thinking I could get that blouse recut and sewn all in a day.
I suppose if I didn't have the steady stream of interruptions (just about all with tails),
or the twin lures of beer and football, I might have had a chance. As it was, the final touches and press were completed yesterday mid-morning.

Was it worth it? Yes, I think it was. I loved the fabric enough to go the distance, USA made and organic.

It was the perfect opportunity to try the short sleeved version of this pattern out. Boy, are pintucks easier on good crisp cotton as opposed to double gauze! I may not have gotten back to this nice Simplicity pattern had it not been under duress. It's in the rotation though now as a TNT pattern. I had to get creative in a couple of spots using the pretty and annoyingly wide printed selvage edge. A small concession.

A few more flags and some work on the warping board with the wools round out the not so productive but quite busy weekend.

Seems there is nothing like starting work on your summer wardrobe to taunt Old Man Winter out of hiding. We actually had measurable snow! Donkeys needed coats

and the horses spent Sunday night locked into the new shelter. And for those eyeing those stall gates, each one has a leather break-away on the handle. It will give long before the tape or the hardware. It's not pretty but it works well and my guys are very respectful of fencing. These are not hot, none of the new paddock is.

I checked once on them before heading up to bed Sunday and yesterday morning they were all peaceful, waiting like gentlemen at the fronts for the hay delivery lady. No one felt the urge to run me over getting out of their stall as I opened each up. Always a good start to any early morning foray in the dark. I had to actually scoot them out to eat at their usual places in the main paddock. While the building is still unfinished on the outside, the inside is quite a luxury for horses that are use to spending 24/7 outside and using trees for protection (even though they had a run in).

I want them to be dry and have some protection from the winds but not much more. This fills the bill wonderfully.

I am loving the hay feeders.

I thought long and hard about what and how to feed from. Horses do best when they can eat in a natural position, in other words, from the ground. Hay is not grass, stalls get dirty and hay gets wasted. Tubs would get flipped or worse, pooped in, hay nets can cause leg tangles that low but these plastic holders are just perfect for my guys. They slow them down, I can hang them low and the holes are too small for an average hoof or leg. Plus being tied outside the stall window allows me to pull the empty up and over to the outside without having to enter each stall.

Easy to refill too, which hay nets are not! So far I'm quite happy with them.

Parting shots: Snow Day Play

The heartbreak of icy paw.


Judy said...

Ah, snow! It looks like everyone in your group is all set for winter. That's a nice setup that you have for your horses.
We have a storm heading our way tonight, so we're hoping it will just dump snow on the mountains around us :-) Oh, happy day!!
Enjoy your week,

Cindie said...

your blouse is adorable!

Mary said...

Cute blouse, and of course finishing it would bring on some snow :-) I pinned the hay feeder you have used as I think that is a marvelous idea. I wonder if the barn owner would be interested. Woodrow has been happy when I bring him in at night---nothing like approximately 10F to motivate the old guy.

mrsmole said...

Great blouse! Sorry I am in Palm Springs missing all that snow but soon I will be back if we can get over the pass on Tuesday.

Theresa said...

Judy, Yes and more snow happening now. Hope you are getting that much wished for dumping!

Cindie, Thank you! I'm rather fond of it myself. :)

Mary, so far these feeders have been great. I could hear them last night at 8:00 pm still eating, that's a scant 10 lbs still going at 3.5 hours. Pretty good for my hoovers

Oh Mrsmole, we're saving more for your return...
safe travels.

prttynpnk said...

Oh I love the blouse, pintucks scare me I have never used that foot.....the snow is lovely!

Sharon said...

I have barn envy and I think your little pink top is adorable!