Saturday, January 7, 2012

Going for Broke

And indeed I did at the Fabric of Vision sale. Come September I start picking out the fabrics I want to splurge on during the January sale. (DH wisely allowed for this sale in the Christmas stocking with gift certificates). This week I literally and figuratively went to town. A wide range of fabrics came home with me, some good sturdy workhorses and some coveted ones you pet and leave safely on the bolt for a number of practical reasons. Prime sale fabrics and EVERY fabric out in the store is on sale. If you start planning (and plotting) early, patterns and ideas come for some of the fabrics you may love but have no clue how to use. So what came home? Let's start with the fun but hard to use stuff.

Silk chiffon with silk velvet. Totally impractical, but great sale prices are a powerful motivator.
I have a plan for this fabric along with the sensible cotton lycra woven for the lining.
And well I'm told that tangerine and oranges are quite in this year.

And then there is this...Mushrooms, big beautiful printed mushrooms on a heavier cotton fabric and how perfect the small red and while polka dot works for a lining.
This print is way to big for a blouse or dress, but will be a very fun second lined housecoat, an item I have found is getting a lot of wear.

Nancy Reagan or maybe Jackie O fabric.
I have coveted this for well over a year, passed it last sale for another vintage looking plaid coating and couldn't let it sit through this sale. Simple nice white cotton lining. Pattern already picked out. Almost sensible except for the fact it is white, pale green and has sparkles. Oh yeah Baby!

Now onto the practical!

Waterproof fabric for a rain jacket.
Cool color and texture and this should make a fun
jacket. Much prettier than my over sized yellow rain slicker with hay and crud stuck to it. This won't be for barn wear!

Shirt fabrics: Blue print corduroy, lovely black and white cotton and a retro alarm clock fabric.
Fun but in darker colors hopefully good at hiding dog hair and hay bits.

A nice felted wool with a hint of cashmere in charcoal grey.
This should make a great warm jacket and heck, I can just let the dog hair become some of the felt!

Since I was on an obvious mushroom kick, this somber print came home too, complete with skull and cross bone ribbon.
Poisonous mushrooms you say? ;)

Lastly, something I thought I might never be buying again. Fabric for a quilt.
A small quilt, fast and easy, but a quilt none the less. Here's the pattern I'll be using.

I'll also give a small shout out to Cindie who came over to Ashland yesterday for a morning of shopping and lunch. It is always fun to enable and be enabled and mostly to sit and chat! Good luck on the maiden warp with the new loom!

Next post you'll get to see what's on my looms. Fun there too.

Parting shot: Oh PLEASE let me go upstairs with you!
And yes he did, along with 7 of his closest friends......


Life Looms Large said...

Great fabric picks!!! I can't wait to see what you sew up with all of this!!!

I'll try to use your post as motivation as I start plotting out my next yarn order!!!!

Have fun!

LA said...

Delayed gratification!! You waited and planned and waited...and what a reward! I'm looking forward to seeing all the finished projects!

Anonymous said...

How could possibly resist that sweet smile? 7 of his closest friends, snort! That is funny. Love the new fabric, especially the grey wool.

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

Yes, very fun shopping with Theresa....picked up a few fabrics of my own, will get them posted to my blog soon.

Laura said...

I love seeing the fabrics you use. I'm much more *conservative* in my clothing - something I'm working to overcome by wearing more pink... Ok, but it's a start!! I usually have brightly colored sox tho...

I really like the wool/cashmere (grays, browns, blacks, tans are my friends). Guess that comes from raising sheep!!

Judy said...

What fun! I have to say that the mushroom fabrics are my favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create in the future.
Enjoy your weekend,

Renee said...

ooing and ahhing over the fabrics. Love, LOVE the mushroom prints and the skull and crossbone ribbon! I never really got to fully appreciate that fabric store when we were in Ashland as we were traveling light. Maybe next time we pass through...

Sharon said...

What a wonderful present - letting you enjoy making those selections. Lucky you to have such a great shop!

Theresa said...

Oh, yes Sue, plotting yarn orders is grand fun.

LA, Well don't hold your breath on the finished products. Some of these, while loved may have to sit and age a bit in stash. Maybe I should have oak shelving?

Thistle Rose, HA, I snort just like that as they all file up
and start looking for mischief.

Laura, I love pinks and most are so flattering too. They go well with your favorite neutrals too. A great place to start.

Judy, The big mushroom fabric is spanking new from Japan, the small mushrooms has been out since this summer and I have enough for two blouses, sleeveless and long sleeved.

Renee, look for a lot of mushrooms in fabrics, I'm told they are going to be quite popular.
I hope you'll give me a ring if/when you do pass through!

Sharon, I had a blast and I am lucky that there is such a wonderful shop here. Ashland is blessed with some very good shops of all kinds