Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Toe of Woe

There is nothing like a big holiday to bring out a good emergency or two. If you're lucky, it WON'T be on the eve of the holiday. I was lucky (knock on wood). What are the chances of not one but two problems presenting themselves within an hour of each other? The Sunday afternoon of discovery......
First up was Rodger, who is in no mood to have his picture taken.

Sometime during the previous 24 hours he had gotten in a fight, likely with one of the barn cats. They usually get along, but lets face it, 3 cats not living together in the same territory is not always all sweetness and light, even in Ashland. The abscessed bite on his neck and the two accompanying scratches were going to need some vet attention in the way of antibiotics. After clean up and inspection with him I let the 9 little heathens in and who is limping but Master Robin, on the same foot as the toe of woe (left front inside) problems in October. In fact that toe of woe was swollen and while not yelp producing was obviously uncomfortable. Well, throw him into the car with the cat for Monday. I was on the horn first thing yesterday to the vet and low and behold, they have a cancellation at 9. I can just barely make it and run frantically through the house throwing dog and cat in their respective crates.

6 miles down the mountain dog is throwing up. 9 miles down the mountain the cat has peed in his crate. Cat is soaked in pee, dog in puke. It was the ride from hell for all of us. The cat had to have a bath and he was grateful for it. He sat while they bathed him
never once yowling or scratching. Wounds cleaned, antibiotics dispensed and we're done on him for the moment. Then it was onto Robin. I had done a quick paw clean so
he was fine that way, but we decided to do an x-ray and see what the heck was going on.

It would seem that Robin actually fractured that toe back in October and while it is healed there is a tiny little bone fragment and some calcification. Likely he hit it wrong rough housing outside with his sister hence the lameness which was gone by the time we arrived at the vet. Of course it was!. If it becomes a real problem it's an easy fix. Remove the first joint of the toe. Sounds awful, but the inside and outside toes of a dogs front foot are not the real weight bearers, the two middle toes are. And did I mention, he's a whopping 10 pounds. Not like removal on a Newfie or a Mastiff! It could be years before anything is needed if at all. The ride home was much less eventful and since my wallet MUCH lighter we could go faster too. ;)

Parting shot: Stella, still so captivating to photograph.


  1. Nothing like a little pet emergency to get you into the holiday spirit. I'm just glad it was nothing too serious (although pending surgery is always a little scary!) As always, Stella is just too cute!

  2. Sounds like those animals were as excited as you were to visit the vet and give him a Christmas present early.

  3. Stella will always be number one in my book! Sorry that Roger had a bath and a visit to the vet all in one day, poor guy. Sweet Robin's toe, poor little one the surgery won't be fun for any of you but it will cure the problem. Merry Christmas to you and to all of the wonderful 4 legged kids at your house.

  4. Thistle Rose, Thank you for holiday wishes and right back at you! Robin's surgery is just Plan B to keep in on the back burner should that toe get extremely arthritic or that chip move into a perm. irritating position. For the near and probably far future he can count all the way to 16 using his just his toes! ;)

    Joannely, You know they are going to probably name a wing for us....lord knows over the 10 plus years of our relationship I suspect we have paid for most of one! I love my vet though, she's hard working, sensible and oh so good with the kids.

    LA, let's hope it's the last emergency for 2011 and early 2012! I marvel every single day at how adorable Stella is. Truly and such a little diva too.

  5. I guess on the upside you can say at least this didn't happen Christmas Eve with no vet open on Christmas morning......our kids keep us on our toes, don't they?!

  6. So glad all is well ,I am in the same situation.We have foxes with scabies roaming the forest.I am afraid My Milli has it.I can smell it.Well tests are on the way.She has been trimmed and washed and all I can do.My wallet is empty .But so be it.

  7. Sorry for all the upset, pee and puke:-( The ride down your side of the mountain is very nauseating anyway!! Hope Robin and Rodger are feeling better-Nick and Bandit send their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  8. Pet emergencies always take priority, but I've had two at once. I've been stressed to the edge on my singles, can't imagine this trip. Just rotten for you - so sorry.

  9. Oh no! Must be in the air. I found a lump in Twill's ear the other day. Took her to the vet today, it was a hematoma. They popped her into surgery right away and she is recovering nicely with her left ear looking like it was quilted. Yes, fine time of the year, wallet light as a feather but we have our dear fuzzy ones! Hope your holidays are clear sailing from here on and best wishes to you and yours.

  10. Cindie, they certainly do keep us on our toes, was that meant to be a pun????;) In the end, what they give back to us is priceless.
    Alette, so good to hear from YOU! I believe here refer to it as sarcoptic mange and it's an easy fix, some dips and ivermectin. Hope your sweet Milli is set right again soon and hugs and pets from all of us at Runamuck.
    Have a wonderful holiday!
    Mary, yes, Highway 66 can be quite the carsick producing drive, although usually my seasoned car riders ( those that have gone cross country with me 4 times) only toss once in a while on the way up.
    Thank you and tell Nick and Bandit their well wishes have been passed on. Cat nip and treats have been dispensed in their names. A high honor. ;)
    Sharon, after the crate was cleaned and everyone settled back in the home routine, a good stiff egg nog set all to right. Rodger's wounds look good and Robin has not limped since before we left for the vet. Stella however was sure we had dognapped her brother and gave him a cleaning worthy of an award. Poor guy.
    Renee, best wishes go out for Twill's speedy recovery. I have it on good advice that Stella & Chewy's Carnivore Crunch Treats (beef please) fix almost everything, as does a good long tummy rub.
    As to the lighter wallets, well they just refill in their own dang good time! Best wishes for a happy and abundant holiday season!

  11. Theresa, my furry entourage is following suit: Leo's throwing up, Bella's getting rid of tapeworm--ew!-- and Weftie's been eating yarn. My vet is having a very merry Christmas, courtesy me.

  12. oh! for Heaven's sake!
    we had a similar last month. Webster got attacked by an owl, nasty wounds on his backside.
    took him and the two shelties in for the excitement.
    the vet fixed Webster up and on the way home just before the farm, he jumped into the backseat and pissed right on the seat as I watched...grrr. The dogs were mortified!
    Glad all turned out well. Sorry about your wallet.

  13. Maggie, hope all has settled down on the furkid front.
    I hate it when they aren't feeling well as Im sure everyone does.

    Oh Nancy, my sympathies. The crate was bad enough to wash, the back seat of the car...much worse, believe me when I tell you I know from first hand experience.
    I can only imagine the look on the dogs faces...
    Have a wonderful holiday.