Friday, December 23, 2011

And Then...I Came To My Senses

I wanted to title this, "Like a hot kiss at the end of a wet fist" but it was too long and I doubt anyone would remember the line from Firesign Theater. You think they have CD's of them out? "Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers" possibly?

To the subject at hand it was my pairing of a particularly technical pattern with a hard to work with fabric. In other words, what WAS I thinking. I had my doubts looking at the envelope but it wasn't until I opened the tissue out and saw just how dang complicated it was.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to make it in the silk velvet. A skilled seamstress of course could, but me, no. A better pairing for the silk velvet and funky lace/jersey slashed hand-dyed fabric was a simple pattern that let the fabric be beautiful all on it's own without a lot of manipulation from me and I had just the pattern. So, two days later a holiday top is done and ready. Bring on the New Year.

This is Lisette-Simplicity pattern 2059 and I have to say, it's a nicely done pattern and it made dealing with the fabric almost a pleasure.

I added the velvet pouch pockets and I would like to try this pattern in a stable textured knit. I think it would work.

It took a while but 2011 Christmas book did find me at last. In actuality, two found me at once but Brian Selznick's "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" won out.

The story set in a train station in Paris was just too hard to resist (the other has gone on my short list for the future), as were the illustrations.

So beautiful and they tell the story in numerous pages between the text. Love the black pages, it gives it all an air of the mysterious which was the goal I'm sure.

So far the story has been everything it was billed. Total enjoyment!

On the farm front, it looks like the shelter will be usable by Christmas and good thing too, the weather is long overdue for change and it's a coming. We'll be returned to our usual weather programming of snow, rain and dreary days by the first of the year.

Rodger is looking well and feeling perky. His appetite is back in full force as is his good humor. I will also say he is being quite the gentleman to pill. He never puts up a fuss, once in a while a paw may reach for you, but so far, I haven't had my finger pierced or my hand scratched. Yeah!!!

The socks are working well for Dennett although getting them on can be a little bit of a tussle. I put them on in the morning after the walk of the ancients (Peter and Dennett)
and take them off after last out in the evening.

Parting shot: Ear Hats!


  1. What a lovely top...especially for the holidays!!! Velvet doesn't need a lot of made the right decision about the pattern! It looks like the pups are listening for sleigh bells!!!!

  2. Stella's Peter hat is very becoming. Merry Merry

  3. Aye yi yi....those darts in the first pattern?!? who could figure that out?

    They do have Firesign theater on cd's. My dh bought a few a couple Christmases ago...the sound quality is pretty bad and they're not as funny as they were back in 1971. Ah well...

    Love the top and the pattern you chose. You will be lovely for the holidays!!

    And my verification word is "batinso"...very Firesign theater-ish.

  4. Beautiful top!! I love the pockets and the fabric looks just gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas to you, your husband, and to the whole menagerie!!!

    This year I wrapped a bunch of Bailey's toys so that he'll have lots of gifts to open on Christmas. Hopefully he won't feel ripped off!!! (Good things he's a dog, not a human!!)

    Merry, Happy!!!!


  5. LA, you're so right about the fussing with velvet. It's such a lovely cloth, it can make it's own style.
    LOL, I bet sleigh bells sound like a fridge opening to them. ;)

    Thistle Rose, isn't it though! That's actually Robin. You'll know him by the wide white blaze, Stella hardly has any blaze.

    Valerie, those were only one set, there were darts and circles and all manner of evil matching between the fold on the main shirt and the under collar etc.
    On the Firesign Theater, maybe we are all just a bit too ah...sober to appreciate it in the same manner.
    Your word was great though! :)

    Sue, A very merry to you and yours. Hope we some pics of Bailey and that super unwrapping job he's got ahead of him.
    I like the pockets too I wasn't going to do them, but it was plain even for velvet without them.

  6. Your velvet shirt is lovely and I like how the barn is looking. I just found your blog recently and have been lurking, and thought I'd post. I sew too. :)