Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally, A Vest Pattern to Love

Those that have followed for a good long while may remember that most of my sewing failures have been vests. I've had a tough time with that article of clothing. I LOVE vests so that may have been part of the problem as I was very fussy about the cut and style and of course, factor in my beginner skill and maybe a poorly drafted pattern or two. All in all it made for a year of bad vest mojo. I bought Simplicity pattern 2155 when it came out this late summer and have been looking at it quite often. I have good luck with Simplicity patterns overall so I was hopeful. I had some nice wool in the stash (printed with rose buds on one side, plain herringbone on the other), that I liked a lot but wasn't so in love with that if it didn't work out I would be left sobbing and hand wringing over it.

I'm so glad I went for it. I love just about everything, although the collar instructions could have been better. That waterfall collar needs to be coaxed into that shape and the directions never go back and tell you how, but I figured it out.

You know a pattern/garment is a winner when you wear it around with only one button and don't want to take it off to complete the rest.
Note to weavers, this is NOT a thrifty fabric pattern. It requires between 2.5 and 3.5 yards of fabric at 45 inches depending on size and nap. This will made again, with fabric I've saved and some pattern tweaking.

On the weaving front, 3 beautiful somethings have left here as gifts and are winging their way around the country and not a one has pics I can show. Sorry! But Hey Baby Delta got quite the workout around here and I had a lot of fun with small mixed warps all done in plain weave. Dennett sleeps in the loom room. The thump and bump of weaving upsets him so we moved him to the living room for the duration of these projects. It meant I had to be quick and economical with them. He's back in his usual spot, happily snoozing away most of his day. If he makes it into 2012 he's going to be right around 19. A very old dog indeed. He's a little wobbly some days so we are trying gripper socks on him around the house.

Jury is still out but it looks like it might work pretty well for him. Anything to keep him as mobile as possible.

One thing that did make the finishing a little faster was a new drying rack.
The floor models just don't work for us so I was delighted to find this one on etsy. It hangs on the wall and is nicely made with good sturdy dowels and hinges.

When not in use, it folds up. MUCH better than stuff thrown over the shower stall frame. ;)

In other news, I was thrilled to help a friend out with a blanket for their almost 2 year old grandson. It was so cute too. A big fleece John Deere tractor panel with another plain fleece for backing. I got the two of them together a lot nicer that the usual cut and tie they make these for and did a little custom label complete with tractor ribbon. I love breaking out the embroidery machine!

I'm betting this will be much loved for a long time. I certainly hope so. Stella wanted
it for herself. She does love anything made of fleece to curl in. They all do.

Benita sent me this wonderful horse print fabric in which the picture simply won't load. There is a lot of it, enough for both a cute camp shirt and some pillowcases I think. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'll be working on a photo of it for the next post. It's so pretty.

And that brings us to the parting shot: Peter, another of the ancients, turns 17 in 2012.
Still handsome after all these years.


  1. Great that you found a vest pattern you like (and that looks great!) Love that collar!!

    That drying rack is a great idea!

    Peter is a cutie!


  2. Looks like Dennet's new socks are a hit and might I mention he is very dapper in them. Mr. Peter is a sweetie, love the look in his eyes. The tractor blanket will certainly be a hit it is wonderful that you made such a nice little label for it, makes it all the more special.

  3. I love the collar on your new vest and so pretty to see the little flowers from the reverse side. I like open front vests....would that one work well open?

    That drying rack is great!

  4. Cindie, it would certainly work buttonless and looked quite nice with just one button or closure. Had I not made the buttonholes already I would have been tempted to do just the one at the top.

  5. The collar is the star feature of the vest. No wonder you love the pattern. I'm scratching my head at the yardage - that's a lot. I don't know how you find time for all the things you do!

  6. Sharon, the princess seaming eats up yardage, as does the full front facings. I think only two pieces are cut on the fabric saving fold, the collar which is quite substantial ( think short wide sleeve) that you need two of cut and the back facing. For my layout I used a nap layout Of course the vest is long and long waisted. Since I'm short I save a tad on the length by shortening at the marked waist adjustment line, but not much.
    I eeked my vest out of 3 yards although it would have been nice to have that extra 1/4 yard.

  7. Oh yes to the vest pattern. I love it. Of course, I'm a vest person anyway. :)

    And the drying rack is brilliant!

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  9. Looove that collar and I imagine it is a contrasting color or stripes to show off the curves!

  10. Teresa, Of course I'm late to the show. Just had to say, I LOVE that vest, especially the collar.

    Give Dennett a really big hug for me, as you know this is a tough time of year (blow Sadie a kiss for me, please), so it's nice to see the old boys still going.

    The drying rack: genius. I'm thinking I need to make one of those next summer, such a great idea, and I have so little floor space.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Oh how fun to stumble onto your blog (linkback from etsy) and discover not only that you ordered one of my drying racks, but that you like it enough to blog about it! I'm so glad to see it's been put to good use.
    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Happy New Year!
    And Thanks!