Sunday, March 21, 2010

RED Alert

Thursday afternoon I got quite the surprise. The Glimakra Julia loom had arrived. She had arrived in less than a week after ordering. I was taken totally by surprise, pleasantly so. I should also say that Joanne & Ed Hall at Glimakra USA
can't be beat for customer service. I had questions, they had answers. Speedy, thorough and concise answers. This is the type of customer service we too often just dream about.
All that was between me and a set-up loom was exhaustion from goat wrangling that morning, a Friday morning trip to town (did the dogs really need that kibble?) and an afternoon grass fire (scary it's so early to have to even think about fire season) on Friday. Needless to say it was Saturday before I really got her into shape. And oh what a beauty she is.

She comes with a pretty nifty DVD showing how to put her together and do your first warp. Now this is a totally different way of warping for me. The reed becomes the raddle, lease sticks are cleverly moved from in front of the reed to the back and best of all, a little tip about winding on. She is small and clear enough underneath that I can sit by the warp beam in back, pull my warp to me under the loom and tension it myself while I wind on. Oh HEAVEN! The universe was humming my tune as I wound the prayer flag warp on, sitting on a cushion, warp sticks by my side and watching while everything rolled evenly into place.

There are still adjustments to be made. The pulley and horse system while quite traditional for a counterbalance loom is not one I have used so getting everything correct will take a little thought and fiddling. I rather like the bit of work that goes into adjusting it. I have again learned so much about how a loom works. The Louet looms come with the shafts and castle all assembled (not to mention they were all set up) so the inner workings are known to me in theory but not intimately. Some of the Swedish heritage this loom brings has now touched me in it's practice.

Julia brought her own serendipity. My much loved Murphy loom is sold to a new weaver and will be leaving me Thursday.

I will be sad to see him go. He has been a great loom and if I could have shrunk him to fit, I would have.

In other news, Old Man Dennett has to go in Tuesday for dental surgery. Just has to be done. His blood work also is showing signs of problems with liver function again, so while he is under they'll be doing a little biopsy to see if we can't put him to rights for a while longer.

The paddock is drying out. Of course a rain and snow mix is predicted for today and tonight, so good bye dry paddock. It was noteworthy that for the last two days I didn't give myself an ear worm when I went out there. Every morning since Feb. I have gotten this song stuck in my head after feeding. All in all it's not a bad song to have swirling around for a bit in the morning and I know it line and verse I might add.
The horses do too! Pete Seeger has always been a favorite of mine. Heck, my parents took me to one of his children's concerts when I was 4. I got up and sang (it was decided early on I should keep a day job). But I would say his songs are just as timely today as they ever were.

And finally, I want you all to know this is an equal opportunity household. Let no critter be be left unshowcased ...;-)


  1. I'm glad your new loom works out so well! I love it's color, it's so bright and cheerful. The cat looks a bit like Mickey Mouse in it's new outfit!

  2. Theresa--looking at your Julia has given me the incentive to get back to my Glimakra that I bought last summer. I need to go back to their website again and look at the tie-up. It looks like you're going to get lots of great weaving with her. BTW, the straw loom kits were a BIG hit, and I could have sold a dozen more if I had made them. We went through all the demo kits with kids of ALL ages (4-94) and had to make a few at the last minute. CiCi has informed me that she will NOT wear a hat.........

  3. the new loom is so cute - I love the red!

    now I'm really impressed - getting a cat to sit still for a picture wearing a hat - you are good!

  4. I will be rooting for Dennett to be okay. Keep us posted. And I love the red loom. So cheerful!
    Now the cat...maybe not so cheerful!

  5. Congrats on your new loom! It's gorgeous! I agree about the Halls. Even though I bought a 2nd Glimarka elsewhere, they have been so helpful as I've had to upgrade and replace things.

    Love that equal opportunityized cat! Looks just as happy about the whole thing as the dogs did. :)

  6. Yeah! I'm so pleased for you! The loom looks great and I will say that I'm supremely jealous!

    Let us know about Dennett - I've been working all day to get good pics of the puppies here. Raven will NOT be still for anything!

    I am really impressed by anyone that can dress a cat.... How much blood did that take???

  7. That cat actually looks quite proud of itself!

  8. The cat actually didn't much care. Right after that pic was snapped he put his head back down, purred and headed off to dream land...again. No blood loss. He's a very mellow cat and face it, compared to a horde of heathen terriers sniffing and nipping at you, a hat is a piece of cake.
    Jennifer and Nancy, thanks for the thoughts on the D man. I'll keep you all posted.
    Leigh, we are all waiting for the day when you get back to your lovely Glimakra! And you too LA! Glad to hear the straw loom kits where a hit. A gold of a different sort!
    Cici would look dashing in an Anti FireCracker Balaclava! Tell her I said so. ;-)

  9. Oh and Charlotte, there is something truly funny in a cat looking like Mickey Mouse. I've had a good chuckle on that today.

  10. Very interesting.....can't wait to hear how you like it.

  11. She is a beauty! But I'm sure it sad to let one go.

  12. Oh, the last photo says it all!!!! Love the red loom, but gee, my eyes are glued to the last photo!

  13. Bye Murphy. Try to talk the new owner into blogging, OK??

    Congrats on your beautiful red Julia. It's hard to tell the looks bigger than 1 square meter to me. Maybe we need a cat or dog (or you!) in the photo!!

    Good luck to D on Thursday! I've got my fingers crossed for him and for you!

    Glad that your mud is drying up. We still have large vernal pools on the trails, so it will be a while before mud season ends here!


  14. I really love your red Julia! She will add a bit of spice to all that she weaves. Now for the cat in the hat ... that's almost scary! I once tried to put a sweater on a cat and had the battle scars to show it.

  15. Waist deep in the big muddy and the big fool says to push on. Hmmm. I hadn't heart that one before, but it's alarmingly contemporary. Ian and I both are Seeger admirers. Lucky you to have such forward thinking parents. Lucky you and the loom!

  16. Sharon, both my folks were young when they had me ( in college) and both very musical. I was lucky to be exposed to all sorts of music growing up, both my folks playing and singing it and also concerts. Some stuck, some didn't. Classical, folk and gospel stuck, jazz, never got it.
    Dawn, a sweater on a cat, don't know as I'd try that, a shrug maybe...:-)
    Sue, the loom really is tiny. I'll pass along the good wishes to Dennett. It's actually today, Tuesday, so he is upset he got no breakfast. Poor old guy. Won't get his special walk today either.

  17. The Julia looks ready to show what it can weave. Kitty looks cool, calm, and collected in the wooly wear.