Monday, March 15, 2010

Beware the Ides of March

And who among you will speak for these poor mute embarrassed souls I ask?


  1. Bah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...........I'll write more when I finish laughing!

  2. THey are soooo scary cute and literary!

  3. their faces say it all!!!!!
    do I have to call the authorities on you for animal cruelty??? :-)
    Bailey wouldn't have even sat still for the picture!

  4. This is the secret project, isn't it???

    Are they really for dogs or are they somehow for horses or goats or sheep??

    I hope your parents are not under water. I'm feeling very lucky to live on a hill today.

    Think spring!!


  5. ROFL, what good dogs! I hope you gave them lots of treats for all the agony you put them through!

  6. Well, folks I swear it took me at least 3 hours to get the photos up, Gene and I were laughing so hard.
    Leigh, they were good dogs and yes, they did get treats.
    Cindie, Charlotte didn't hold still at all. It was luck that I even got a shot. Peter was so good though, even though he looks like a hedgehog from the 60's...
    LA, you should have seen some of the out takes, but even I am not that cruel.
    Sue, yes, it is for dogs. I explain more in the next post. Folks fine last I talked Monday morning. Peabody and Woburn flooding though and a bunch of other towns and many roads. Hope you are dry and the power is back on.
    LOTL, yes, it is a literary bunch, they only chew cheap paperbacks....;-)

  7. Ay - the ides have come, but they have not gone!

    I'm so impressed you could get them to wear them - my dogs have never taken to wearing anything, they would just lie down and act like they were beaten! They obviously love you SOOOOOOO much! Just darling!

  8. OOOHHH... when i saw the pictures i laughed so hard i got the hickups!!made my day, thank you

  9. Oh my goodness! These are too cute! I may have to go torture - I mean spoil my dogs by making one of these. :)

  10. Andrea, yes, the more canine balaclava's in the world the better I say!

    Jennifer, I think they just love treats more than they hate the cover-up. Of course you know along with unbearable embarrassment they must endure starvation too...;-)

    Gaby, glad you got a good laugh, we're still chuckling over their photo shoot and the AFDB is close at hand
    at all times.