Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cake: Breakfast of Champions

Or in my case, breakfast of birthdays!

As Gene pointed out if he had put all 52 candles on it it might have looked like the Olympic torch. Funny guy, he went for tall instead. The cake itself, dark chocolate with raspberry. I spent some of the day in sugar shock, the other part stuffed to the gills after a very nice meal in town at Cucina Biazzi. Our favorite place to have dinner. I will be having a lunch fit for a Queen of leftovers today. Indeed!

There were hand made chocolates, cute cards and a couple of IOU's.

I have a new spinning wheel being built in Colorado by Schacht, one of their little Ladybug wheels.

Gene wisely consulted with me after my grumbling that the Timbertops is just too big to be considered portable and asked what would suit. The wheel has been ordered via the Websters and while it's a bit of a wait ( April), I would rather support my local yarn store than do internet shopping for such a big item. They are always so good to me it's an easy thing to do.

I also have another trip back to MA for a true vacation visit planned at the end of April.
Thank you Gene, there is nothing more precious than the gift of time.

So while the b-day itself has passed, it is still birthday week and First Friday art walk is slated along with an Indian food lunch. Counting calories would be a lesson in futility this week. LOL, it's futile just about any week actually.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday and the equipment suggestions. They were wonderful and helpful respectively. I'm getting close to a decision about equipment and it's already the start of the yearly march towards...53! ;-)

I do have a little spinning to share. Consider it my cheating version of the colors of February.

This lovely green colorway was dyed by Cindie at Eweniquely Ewe ( the pink and browns too for that matter). For the life of me I can't remember the name but that makes it no less pretty.


  1. Yummy cake! Its so pretty and looks so good. Lucky you to be getting a lady bug. I went a year ago and took a tour of the Schacht building. It was so neat to see them making the wheels and looms.

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds wonderful!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! Mine is tomorrow. Don't the years go by fast?

    Love your yarn!

  4. Woo hoo! That's my kind of breakfast! Did you serve the onions with it ;)


  5. Happy Birthday! And what a special gift you will be receiving. Moving equipment along is so difficult - I have had the same problem, but realize that if I really find I needed something I sold I could find it again.

  6. Happy birthday! This cake looks so delicious, my mouth is watering. The green yarn is really lovely, are you going to knit with it?

  7. Happy Birthday!! the cake looks great and the yarn is very spring.

  8. The cake looks delish!!! (Not to mention the Indian food! And your birthday dinner.....I see I have some competition in the food-based celebration category!)

    Great yarn! Love it! Dyeing is really hard work. I'm glad there are people who really like to do it (and do it so well!)

    Cool that you're getting a new spinning wheel!!

    Have a great rest of your birthday week!


  9. What a wonderful birthday for you. I couldn't help but think you're spinning sample resembles a snake in the grass. The colorway is much like a grass snake.

  10. Sharon, YES, it does look like snake in the grass! But that wasn't the name I'm sure of it.
    The cake is as yummy as it looks and thank you for the well wishes.
    Leigh, no, cake and onions aren't quite my taste but sometime later this week there will be homemade French Onion soup with homemade bread and lots of cheese....
    Charlotte, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the yarn. Maybe a little as weft in a blanket, maybe a soft warm beret. Maybe just put in the petting zoo for a bit. :-)
    Julie, How fun to have gone to Schacht and see the wheels and such in production. Wonder where my little Ladybug will be on the wheel...

  11. Theresa - belated happy birthday from ireland too! and is green handspun all the rage just now?:)) yours has more colour variations and would be perfect for the spring leaves shawl?



  12. Sounds like a great birthday, and a great breakfast! Have a wonderful year ahead. (Keep eating chocolate cake for breakfast, and it WILL be wonderful.)

  13. Hey Theresa! I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday. Cucina Biazzi no less. Wow!

    Love your new handspun yarns, and am just a wee bit envious of your up and coming Ladybug. I spun a bit on the shop model (before it was sold), and it was a very nice piece of equipment. I'm spinning some of eweniquelyewe's fibers right now, and just loving them.
    See you soon!