Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hasta La Vista, Baby...

It is literally boxing day here. The grey sweater will be boxed up for shipping this morning and start thumping and bumping across country to its new owner. Good bye sweater, you were a fun knit until the neck, but we got you done.

Seriously, the neck knitting was just awful. I don't know why they had me do some of the things they did, and the sweater itself was heavy to move along a short circular, but next sweater, we're going to do the ribbed collar exactly as the ribbed bottom. I caught Gene petting his yarn yesterday too, so I know it won't be long before I start in on that one. I might just do the two sleeves first on a long circular together. Might.

I have some boxes for Carolyn so her final packing is on the to do list for today. Some weaving is also on that list. The blanket was whispering to me yesterday as I only had time to do an inch or two of weaving before it was time to head for town.

The Murphy loom has not sold. There has been some interest, but we'll see if it pans out. Shameless plug here, I've put together one heck of a good weaving package for under $400.00. Loom, bench, warping board and raddle. So if you know of someone in the west who is looking for a nice weaving loom, send them over here. ;-)

The ride home yesterday was a NIGHTMARE. Two inches of wet white grease that packed down to ice as you drove over it. The steep incline, the lack of plows or any other cars on the road, the windy white out and the tires that really are at the beginning of the end of their useful life all made for a very slow and tense ride home.

Okay, lets get to the good stuff. The new loom is ordered. Susan at Thrums asked what I was going to get in one recent comments. I have ordered a new Glimakra Julia 4 harness, 6 treadle counterbalance loom in red. I hemmed and hawed over going for the countermarche set up but in the end decided that I like a CB and having a simple tie-up on one loom is not a bad thing. This is a very small loom with a footprint of just about a yard square. I might even try my hand at some rosemaling on her beautiful bright red finish. Seems red is the color of new equipment. The Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel is also red. I suspect it's because we all know they go faster....

I'm working on a small, thoroughly silly project, which you all will see when it's done.
A first toy pattern has been selected too, along with yarn. I looked over my weftovers, scraps and half balls and couldn't come up with anything that was suitable, so while it doesn't look it now, this is the Deadliest Crab in waiting.

The yarn is from The Philosopher's Wool Co. and since Dona sells her Romney wool to them, it might even have some local sheep in the mix. Should make a nice red crab!

On farm news, Buzz somehow got himself into the dog pen overnight and was so terrified he went under the porch and couldn't figure out how to get out of the mess he got himself into. Plus the dogs all sniffing around the lattice of the back porch had him frozen with fear. It's good he didn't try to bolt. I put the dogs in the house and scooted him out from under the porch into the open pen. He looked pretty pitiful meowing at the chain link, but let me scoop him up and carry him outside to safety. He won't do THAT again. He was back to his sweet unruffled kitty self by afternoon feeding and met me at the front steps like usual. Only a passing glance at the fearsome dog area.


  1. Gorgeous sweater Theresa!

    I think I will have to knit an animal. Im thinking maybe something I can dress up in hand knit clothes like the mouse in Tracy Ullman's book.

  2. The sweater is a masterpiece! I don't knit, but I appreciate the work that goes into your work! You got the spring snow and we got buckets of rain! Yep, it's almost spring!

  3. Yeah! Finishing is my second favorite part of a project - finally seeing all the planning and work come to fruition. I also understand when other projects whisper to you. The sweater is wonderful!

    Hey did you see...
    She was part of my donation for the yarn I won from you!

  4. Cables in the neck-lining sounds truly awful to knit. The sweater is a beauty, and also will be in 15years, it's so classic. I'm looking forward to see the monstrous crab...

  5. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has troubles sometimes with sweater necks. Still, the end product is absolutely gorgeous.

    Good choice with a Glimakra! I love mine, though its a countermarche rather than a counterbalance. They're wonderful looms.

    Love your silly project! Too cute.

  6. I dread the neck - after the fun of a sweater, it feels like punishment. Yours looks perfectly well formed. I'm taken suddenly by three-dimensional knitting and have a lamb on my list, after I finish all the produce.

  7. Well, you have swelled my head up a bit with praise on the sweater. Thank you. It was the fastest I have ever knit a cabled sweater and it was beautiful. I hope the wearer has plenty of time to wear it out!
    Charlotte, I can't wait to start the Deadliest Crab either, and my first silly project is almost done!
    Leigh, I hope so with the Glimakra. It will be my very first new loom purchase. I'm excited that she is small and quiet. Joanne Hall has also given me information about moving her easily to workshops with the warp intact, so it looks like it will meet my every requirement.
    Sharon, I was looking at a lamb toy too, but the crab...just had to go there first.
    LOTL, I have seen a number of adorable bunnies knitted and dressed up. Also came across a very cute pig that just screams for a wardrobe.

  8. The sweater is gorgeous! I always take years off between your motivation is seriously impressive to me.

    What is that gorgeous painted table under the sweater? I want pictures of it!!

    Too bad that loom is on the west coast!! Seems like looms are being snapped up around here lately.

    I hope you and your Julia are very happy together!! That red color seems so fun! I didn't realize it was such a small loom. 1 yard square? Tiny!

    That crab pattern is super cool! My toy knitting this year will be of the canine variety (or at least that's what I have yarn for), but if I continue with my beach knitting theme, that crab would be high on the list!!