Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Weaver's Library

I can literally trace my hobbies through my library. There are still some quilting books, ones that held good directions on techniques and those that were simply just so beautiful I couldn't part with them. In fact there seems to be so many quilt books published today, I wonder how anyone chooses among them!

There are the horse books, some I've had since I was a kid, most newer. Many things have improved in regards to care and training for our equine friends. There are decent veterinary references for all of the species we have in the household. There are titles on decorative and faux painting, building, wildlife and hundreds of books with foxes in them, which I have collected for many many years. There are the knitting books, a healthy dose of them I might add. There are even some classics that I revisit once in a great while. That area needs work. There are ones I've missed, but that is a post for another day.

Finally, there are the weaving books. It's a small section. I am surprised at really how little is out there compared to many other fiber arts. So I thought I would share the few books I absolutely love, either for patterns, inspiration or techniques. There is no particular order. All listed are treasured and I think well worth their purchase price. Some, are out of print. I'm not going to do links, I'm sure you can all go to Amazon or e-bay on your own if you are interested.

The Big Book of Weaving by Laila Lundell (techniques, patterns, inspiration)
A Handweaver's Pattern Book by M. Davison (P)
Doubleweave on Four to Eight Shafts by U. Arn-Grischott (P,T)
8,12,20 An Introduction to Multishaft Weaving by K. Wertenberger (P,T)
Mastering Weave Structures by Sharon Alderman (T)
Weaving Overshot by D. Sullivan (P,T,I)
Rep Weave and Beyond by J.Tallarovic (P,T)
Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes (P, I)
Weave a Weave by M. Selander (P,I)
Swedish Rag Rugs 35 New Designs & Happy Weaving both compiled by Vavmagasinet
(P, I)

This list is by no means complete. I have some wonderful books in Swedish and some of the standard 8 shaft draft books, but these books always seem to offer me something delightful every time I open them, which is a lot!
What are some of your favorite weaving books?


Life Looms Large said...

I'm planning to do a post about my new weaving books that I got for Christmas! So I guess I'm starting to get a weaving library too.

I am a book addict, so I try really hard to use my public library and my guild library....but for weaving, I'm starting to buy more books.

In fact, I just picked up a few of the books on your list!


Sharon said...

I'm not at home and don't remember, though have been just randomly reading Alderman's book lately. I have two copies of Chandler's book, one for both rooms. I am tethered to that book!

Julie said...

Thanks for the list, I do have two of them. But I can always get more!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - we must be on the same wave length. I just inventoried my library over this past weekend. I have all that you've listed and agree that these are definately keepers!

Leigh said...

Hmm, that would be a hard one to answer. I tend to buy books for every new weave structure I try and those are the favorite of the moment. Of course, I love books but figure they're worth their weight in gold as resources.