Friday, January 29, 2010

Losses and Gains

I've missed my blog and fellow bloggers and it's good to be on the home computer!
It's just good to be back.

The trip to MA was not what I would have planned for my back east trip but I can't complain at all. My Dad went in for bypass surgery the beginning of the first week I was there and by the time I left he was back doing some weaving and getting around quite well. He drove me to the airport (although I lifted the bag in and out of the car), and looks like he is well on his way to a full and speedy recovery.

The highlight of the trip obviously was a successful outcome of surgery, but you can add a wonderful meeting with Sue from Life Looms Large for a museum day and of course, a little yarn shopping. Thank you so much Sue, I needed that day away. Oh and let's not leave out lobster and seafood, of which I had a lot of.

As life is never ever static and every happy time gives way eventually to a time of sadness. Angel passed quietly away in her sleep Sunday night or early Monday morning at home. Gene gave me the news when I made my usual morning call. It was hard for him having to deal with it all on his own. We have always dealt with this together and I don't think I've ever felt so far away as I did Monday morning.
Angel has her own special place and we'll get a prayer flag out there soon. Gene will add a little something for me to weave in.

There are some fun changes coming and I have a busy day today. I haven't even opened my bag to unpack and I promise pictures of the goings on this weekend and some of my beautiful finds in New England. I also have a Blogoversary (sp?) coming up and hope to get a special post up for that.


  1. So sorry to hear about Angel. My thoughts & prayers are with you and Gene. But, great news about your Dad! I can't wait to see your new yarn!

  2. So sorry about Angel and that it had to happen while you were away.

  3. good to have you back here in Oregon. I'm so glad you're Dad is recovering so quickly and all went well with surgery. Very teary eyed thinking about the loss of your Angel....... Cindie

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Angel and especially that you weren't able to be there. I look forward to seeing what you do to remember her.

    I am glad to hear your father is doing well and back weaving.

    I'm also completely jealous of you time with Sue!

  5. So sorry about the loss of your Angel. It is hard to have good friends move on.

  6. Its good to have you back! You were missed...

    Glad to hear Dad is doing well and back weaving once more.

    Angel is at rest and pain free... and soon happy memories will soothe the pain of loss away for you and Gene


  7. Good to see you back in blogland....but it's not as fun as getting together in real life!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about Angel - especially that you weren't there.

    I also look forward to seeing your finds from New England!! I heard about yarn, but didn't get to see it!! (I guess that means it actually came in to the shop on time!)

    Now that you're safely back on the west coast, we've got very cold weather and high wind here. Gone is our little taste of spring.

    It was great meeting you!!


  8. I'm so glad that your dad is doing well! So sorry about Angel!

  9. Welcome home! Good news about your dad but sad news about Angel. I know it wasn't unexpected, but that doesn't make it any easier. Hugs to you, Theresa.

  10. I'm sorry about angel, that's sad to hear. But I'm glad you're back at the blog, you've been missed!

  11. I was thinking about you this morning and decided I'd email today since it seemed longer than you had originally said. Good news on your dad, such sad news for you on Angel. You know Gene's glad to have you home, and also all your four-legged friends.

    How cool that you got to meet Sue. Color me jealous! I hope this is the year that I get to meet you.

  12. How wonderful to see everyone checking back! It's great to hear from each and every one of you!
    Thank you for all the kind words about Angel. They mean a lot to me and I've passed them all onto Gene.

    Sharon, I'll be home all year, I've put away my travelin shoes until 2011 I think.

    And it was pretty cool to meet Sue although I wish I had had more time to go visit with her, Bailey and the Toika, but there is always next year. You are forewarned Sue! ;-)

  13. Great news about your dad. I'm glad to hear he's doing well. I'm sorry to hear about Angel.

  14. Oh, I am reading the blogs backwards date-wise and am sorry to hear about Angel. It sounds like your trip was successful for you and your Dad. Hard to lose a beloved pet while away though. Take care.