Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the Bag is Still Packed

Someday I really will get to unpacking it but it has been really, REALLY busy here with studio changes.

Thursday I hit home and started right in cleaning. Trust me, it had to be done and done then in prep for an exciting day Friday. A little before Christmas I decided to sell the BV loom, while I love the loom itself and it has enormous sentimental value, it simply was too tall for me to ever weave at comfortably with her 40" high breast beam. If she wasn't so large I would have found a place for her, but the reality is she's huge and deserves to be used and loved. Surprisingly I found a buyer for her, a tall young man with the weaving bug who has no qualms about monkeying with her and has gobs of room. Gene had also found another used Louet, this one an older Hollandia, 8 shafts and 14 treadles in mint condition and at a fair price. It was my big Christmas gift, I got to see pictures Christmas day. Lets also add some serendipity into it, the buyer of the BV and the seller of the Louet both lived in the greater Seattle area. Morgan the BV buyer was willing to pick the Louet up on his way down to retrieve the Barbara loom.
I happily took some cash off the price and paid for the Uhaul. It saved Gene a two day trek and that had everyone happy about playing musical looms.
So Friday was out with the old and in with the new.

The studio underwent an overhaul and it looks like I gained a more spacious studio again.

To those in the Seattle area, keep on the look out for a fine ( and terribly handsome and polite I might add) weaver. I'll end with this hutch piece I've deconstructed in yet another configuration. And there are batches of yarns there just waiting for the next post! :-)


  1. oh my, look at all that space in the studio - lots of room to fill up with fiber! congrats on the new loom - hope it gets warped up very soon.

  2. ok, my brain is not working this morning, I know....but a bv loom??
    Enlighten me.

    And would you have any idea where I might find metal pawl, dog and parts for a Hammett loom?
    Or an old Hammett loom for parts?

  3. Hilary, BV stands for the Thought Products Barbara V(5) loom, it's just easier to write BV. Hammett loom parts, no clue, but if I see any I'll give you a holler. You might contact LeClerc and see if any of their parts can be used or modified. Most looms used standard parts available at the time and quite often the metal pawl and associated parts was not unique to any particular brand loom. HTH.

    Cindie, you sure are up early. I think you've bested the birds too!

  4. Wow, that's super news! Congrats on the new loom. It sounds like BV is going to a great new home and it s a 'win-win' situation.

    I like the way Gene found you a new loom unbidden. Now that's some hubby!


  5. How exciting! And how it all worked out well also for your customer to become your delivery also. You seem to have this way of attracting male weavers - your Dad and now this. I don't know that i've ever met a male weaver and here you are! Congrats!!!

  6. What a nice young man to do that for you! I hope he becomes a great weaver! Your studio looks great and I'm sure your going to love your new loom!

  7. Hey, I was wondering if the Barbara V on Northwest Weaver's site was yours, since how many can there be in the NW? I was kind of fantasizing coming to look at it, but you are just that little much farther than we could drive in a day. Now tell me it was a heavy treadler as a CM, so I won't feel like I missed out!

    Congratulations on your Hollandia. It does make your studio look a log bigger.

  8. I love your studio, all the space and light. I'm always squeezing around my looms, but of course, once I'm weaving, I don't even think about space!

    Curious about your shuttles. Are those boat or end feed?

  9. Hey, Welcome back! Looks like you hit the ground running. Your studio looks lovely.

  10. Trapunto, Yes, the Barbara listed on the NW Weavers site was mine. Hmm, I don't know if it was a heavy treadler. It is 500 lbs and it was 64" wide of solid cherry so certainly heavier than the Louet's, but that CM system is very similar to a Louet set-up. My problem with the loom all along has been the height of the breast beam.

    Sharon, there are both boat shuttles and Schacht end feed shuttles in that picture. The end feeds look pretty much like boat shuttles since while the way the yarn comes off the bobbin is different the shape to get through the web is similar.

    Renee, doors always open, come for a visit if the chance presents itself!

    LOL Jennifer, I never thought of it in attracting male weavers! Hmmmmm. It certainly was nice that it worked out so smoothly, planning it all from MA wasn't so bad.

    Julie, Morgan was a very nice young man and I was delighted to meet him. I heard via e-mail he has Barbara up and working and I can almost waltz in my studio.

    Susan, I hope to have a long fruitful life with both my husband and my Louets!

  11. Your studio looks beautiful, with its high ceilings and great light!

    Congrats again on your new loom. That's awesome that you found a buyer, and that the buyer moved your loom too!! Meant to be I'd say!

    I'm glad you included a photo of the hutch. I've been wondering how other people store their shuttles now that I have more than 2!!



  12. Wow Theresa, your studio looks about twice as big! I'm glad the Barbara got a new home with a tall guy. It certainly would have been too high for me to use comfortably.

    It was lovely to see you back on Saturday, glad you could make it in.

    I went back and looked at the photo of Angel you posted last month. I cried more than a few tears for her loss, but know that my beloved Sadie has company now. You've helped me more than I can say to get over the loss of Sadie and Rudy, and I thank you so much for that.

  13. Oh Kris...thank you and big hugs.