Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Search of Winter

Well, winter seems to have abandoned us here in Southern Oregon, looks more like April out there. So far the 3rd driest winter on record, which is bad news for summer and fire season. At this rate they may call the beginning of fire season in May!

Of course my wish for snow has been fulfilled in a different way this year. I am flying the friendly skies ( tongue in cheek) to MA for an early annual visit. In fact I leave Sunday. Some family health issues precipitated the early trip.
Needless to say, it has been a frenzy around here. How to stuff everything that needs to be done in 6 short days, but we're getting there.

Gene's scarf is off the loom and came out quite nicely. Of course I haven't been able to get a snap of Gene in it, since he has been in a rush out the door every time he's worn it ( he likes it). I figured the scarf looked just as nice on this silver haired gent and he's rarely in a hurry these days unless a leash is in hand.

I'll be pulling the rugs off the BV before I go, I hope. The Louet has been cleaned and the back folded up and will await my return patiently when I get back and weaving a blanket or two.

Angel is doing okay on the Prednisone. She is eating and active but pitifully thin no matter how much food I give her. Gene will keep a watchful eye on her and I have every hope she will be here to greet me when I get back on the 28th.

Things are pretty quiet on the farm front. Mud, mud and more mud. While the lack of snow and real cold is a pain to me, for Gene it makes care easier, he won't have to worry about plowing on top of all the farm duties.

As always when I travel, I will be reading all my favorite blogs but not updating mine,
so to everyone stopping by, have a great January! I'll be back in full blogging force in February.


  1. Glad to hear Angel is doing okay. Have a good trip! I hope you find snow.

  2. I think there's a good chance that there's already snow at your destination. But the forecast says no more really until at least the end of next week. Maybe that's good for your travels and you can enjoy a storm when you're settled in.

    That scarf looks great, and I love the canine model! Bailey would look great in green, so if I ever make a green scarf maybe he can model it!

    Wow - so you don't have frozen ground? We headed just a few towns north of our house today, and were surprised that they had less snow. Right at the edge of the bay, we could walk on sand that wasn't frozen. It was kind of a treat honestly! (But I do appreciate not having to deal with mud right now!)

    Sending healing thoughts to Angel. Safe travels! We'll miss you in blogland!


  3. The scarf really turned out great, even if it is being shown by your second choice model. I wish you the best in MA - hope everything turns out just fine. Happy flight to you~

  4. Oh the scarf looks very dapper (is that how you spell it?) on him. Have a good and safe trip!

  5. Safe travels Theresa. Gene's scarf turned out wonderfully. And if your are looking for winter - stop off in Wisconsin!

  6. Have a great trip! I was wondering if it ever rained around here. I am starting to miss it. Glad to hear that it normally does. I must admit, I am enjoying the warmer than usual temperatures though.