Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Shiny Bits

The great Clayfolk migration is taking place this weekend, and like many years past, I was there at the beginning! The show attracts thousands of folks, local and not so much, every year. I have to say, I found this years selections, well, rather underwhelming. One favorite artist that was listed as being there, wasn't, a decided lack of clever smalls perfect for gift giving, less interesting large pieces and certainly less innovation on shapes and glazes from past years. That is not to say the show was bereft of beautiful things, it wasn't, it simply wasn't as good as years past. Oh and while there was stunning black and white pottery artwork, I am never going to pay $90.00 for a coffee mug. I did however manage to find a few fun affordable pieces. In no particular order.

It's hard to believe that lovely mirror was only $150.00 in a walnut frame with a beautiful beveled mirror after seeing a $90.00 coffee mug!

Sorry, I'm beating this dead horse I know. There were a few other smalls which I can't show because they are gifts.

The little Red Breasted Nuthatch is the second in what appears to be the start of a new collection. I procured this awesome stained glass nuthatch several weeks ago.

In the glass department, I also retired the old green Kitchenaid electric tea kettle. It was getting spotty on shutting itself off and I had been waiting until the kitchen had been updated. I couldn't find either an orange or red kettle that pleased me so I went for pure flash!

Precious little has gotten out of the salon. Last week was an en endless trail of town trips for both myself and my Mom and Mandy who got her stitches out! This cute Cleo pinafore (Tilly and the Buttons), made it out and that is the Victoria Jones Waimea shirt underneath.

Heaps of stuff got cut too. I did things in 3's. Shirts, pants and these are skirts.

 Since this pic, two have been completed. The first one, a navy twill cotton is too big. I went back and cut the remaining two down to a size medium and the black linen fit much better. Only the brown melton wool is left to do.

I also cut out the Wiksten kimono and I am heading up to work on that this morning. I'll let you know how that turns out next post!

For anyone interested, here is some information on how to donate for victims of the Camp Fire. As we come into a time of thanks, it is also worth remembering that it is also a time of great need. If you can, give where ever your heart and need dictates. I always donate in honor of one of my companions on the other side of the bridge.

The song for this post...Supertramp...really! ;-)

Be safe, be kind.

Parting shot: Sleeping in, every morning, the bums! ;-)


Theresa said...

Starting it off in the comment department!

Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Love the new mirror, it looks fantastic in your bright newly painted kitchen. The stained glass nuthatch is perfect, love the little red berries on the branches.

Hugs and treats for the dog burrito kids!

Cindie said...

We went to the coast rather than spend money at Clayfolk - doesn't seem like I missed too much reading your post although that mirror certainly was a great find!

Leigh said...

I have a real weakness for pottery. And stained glass. Good choices!

Michelle said...

I just read an account of the Camp Fire that shook me to my core; I'll link to it in my upcoming blogpost.

That stained class piece is wonderful. Another inspirational piece for if I ever get back to that craft. And I NEED to know where to get a glass electric kettle like that!!!

Diane in Oregon said...

I'm eager to see your Wiksten. I can't decide if it's too boxy & shapeless, or just comfortably oversized. Great nuthatch!

Theresa said...

Martha, I'm quite smitten with that nuthatch and his berries too! Artist here:

Cindie, I'm not sure it was quite as crowded as in years past either. But the mirror was worth the trip.

Leigh, LOL! Obviously I do too. Thank you!

Michelle, Amazon, Cosori Electric Kettle should bring it up for you.

Diane, I'm finished with the outside, working on the lining. Looking pretty nice so far.

beckster said...

Like everyone else, I love that nuthatch! They just made it to my feeder yesterday, and I love seeing them every year. I am anxious to see all your makes. I don't really like pinafores on me, but yours looks very cute. The fires in CA are just horrific. I just can't imagine what those folks are going through. Yes, they are little bums, but we love them anyway, yes? My guys like to wake me up, get fed, then go back to bed.

Susan said...

And I thought I was hot stuff with my new electric kettle's on button lighting up in blue - yours is amazing! I am with you - I'd never pay $90 for a mug, no matter how much I liked it. That mirror is beautiful, and very fairly priced for the quality of materials and work(wo)manship. That pinafore and shirt combo is fantastic! I love the colors! What a bundle of cuteness they are. I will not show this photograph to my two - ever since my Great Dane, I have slept dog-less.

Theresa said...

beckster, The nuthatch is a lovely piece of work. The artist has many beautiful things! That's exactly what my guys do. Please know they were both fed and warm!

Susan, So how does that sleeping dogless work anyhow? The pinafore was surprisingly fun to make and I'm betting will get a fair amount of wear. It needs pockets though. In seam ones or something. Next iteration. The mirror was a find, and the only one available.

Betsy said...

My daughter made me a Wiksten kimono jacket. I love it. Very comfortable and it will go with everything. Can't wait to see yours