Saturday, November 10, 2018

Kitchen Proper Painting Completed

Whew, just in time for the holidays. That doesn't mean all the painting is done. I still have upper cabinets to do on the built in storage area across from the kitchen and down the back hallway. I'm paying someone to do that last bank of upper cabinets in the oil paint, mostly because they need to be done solely while standing on a ladder. No way, let some younger bones handle it. Without more fanfare here is the completed kitchen.

We are both loving the Cinnamon Sugar color. Not taupe, not grey but something in-between.

And all the vintage Midwinter Wild Oats dinnerware has arrived.

 I am quite smitten with the pattern, better in person and it all has a weighty solid feel.

For a Mom update, she is still holding in a remission period of sorts. Kidney function much improved with the nephrostomy tube. We're holding on the radiation. Feeling well although her blood counts are borderline low. She has had a couple of transfusions in the past month or so.  Her new apartment in the residential living area will be ready the 28th of this month, the move on the 29th and I have worked out a cat compromise. I refuse to pull the two kitties from their settled in new home. They are doing GREAT! But on the home front I have a barn cat who no longer works the barn and is more or less living in our basement. Now that's great for keeping mice out, but really, from feral to sweetness she has become an indoor kitty. Hating to be thrown out in the morning and called back in for the evenings in anything but the best weather. I am taking her to my Mom. If she goes down hill, I will always take Miss Priss back easily enough. It's not perfect but it offers a little something for both old lady and cat.

As slow as the sewing salon has been, a couple of makes have been completed. The first was my favorite shirt pattern in a yarn dyed soft brushed cotton plaid.

I love this shirt. I bought this same fabric in a couple of different color ways/plaids and will make them up for winter wear. The fabric is not flannel heavy but it is softer thicker fabric than the usual cotton. Henry Glass yarn dyes.

The second was a new make, The Waimea Ranch Shirt by Victoria Jones.

It has a shaped yoke, one piece from back to front and was a bit fussy. The shirt itself...meh! I don't like the overly long sleeve, nor the double breast pockets. I tried them and just not a fan. The shoulder fit is good as is the sleeve fit but the waist shaping will have to be adjusted up for my short waisted frame. I just can't explain why one shirt feels good and another doesn't, but there you go. The fit is good on me, I just don't like it as much as the Hey June Cheyenne shirt pattern.

Trying new things is fun and kimono patterns are everywhere. I jumped on the bandwagon with another pattern that sewists are raving about. The Wiksten Kimono Jacket.

It is bound to make it to the next pattern cutting session. I need to cut out some new pants too. Most of my old ones are too big.

And this MaCall's Cosplay pattern is also another addition. I loved the vest lines and the hood.

 Oh yes, I basically bought the pattern for that hood. Gotta hide my pointy ears after all. ;-)

But kidding aside what another horrible week. Shootings, firings and again, California burns.
This is what decline looks like. Historians will be able to look back and see the start of it all. We can now see the time line of climate change and we will be able to trace the fall of our democracy to somewhere around November 8, 2016.  The new house might be able to save something, but really, what will it take to change such a tenacious culture of hate? I have no idea.

For this November day, I'm handing over a ballad.  The Edmund Fitzgerald sunk on November 10, 1975 and I remember it. For anyone interested The Andrea Gail went down on October 28, 1991 in a no name storm that lasted 3 days. I've grown up with a rich maritime history living in Massachusetts for 38 years. "They that go down to the sea in ships" Psalm 107.23 I love ballads BTW, not enough of them are being written and certainly there are stories that are ballad worthy.

Be safe. Be kind.

Parting shot: Where the cool kids go to get warm.


Theresa said...

First up.

Peg Cherre said...

Your kitchen is MARVELOUS! I love the cinnamon sugar color, too, especially when paired with the red. I just had my kitchen wallpaper removed and the kitchen painted --- I'll have to take some pics.

I love brushed cotton. So cozy! And although I'm not a huge plaid fan, the shirt looks swell. Can't wait to see the kimono jacket.

Glad Mom is at least in a holding pattern. She and Miss Priss should get along well.

Is that a radiator the pups are laying by? Nothing like hot water heat. Except a wood stove.

Theresa said...

Peg, Thank you! I really want to see your kitchen. I'll be checking for pictures. The pups are indeed lying by the radiator. I miss the old steam radiators I had in New England, but these sleek wall mount european style models are very efficient and take up hardly any room. Pup approved too!

LA said...

I am convinced that we should learn life lessons from our Pups...share the warmth and LOVE! BTW, your kitchen is outstanding!!!!

R.L. Delight said...

The kitchen looks lovely! We have gone to open shelves instead of upper cabinets in our 1973 fixer upper so of course, I noticed yours. I like how yours graduate outwards. Hope that makes since, as I am still having my morning tea!
Healing thoughts to your mother. I admire your sewing as always and sadly, I have to agree with you on the decline of the empire.

Pats all round to all the critters!


Thistle Rose Weaving said...

I am a native Michigan girl who was formerly married to a Great Lakes Sailor, the Fitz is always remembered up here in the great white north.

Love your new kitchen, especially the dog drawer fronts! Great color scheme in the kitchen, cozy and warm - just the way a country kitchen should be.

Love that Miss Mandy has figured out how to stay warm! Hugs for the crew

Theresa said...

LA, Yes, things are pups could teach us, except that sharing part. Only when a piece of banana or lettuce falls is it passed onto another. ;-)

Renee! Good to hear from you!!! Sounds like your lovely fixer is going along. I have two words of wisdom for those tackling kitchens. Never do bead board or mullioned glass cabinet fronts, you will pay for those choices dearly if you paint them yourself....

Martha, I bet it is! It was such a surprising and tragic event. My contact with Great Lakes is limited to Erie and Lake Ontario. Miss Mandy has been creative these cold days. I can't sweater her up with all the stitches still in (removal next Thursday) but between warm radiators and down throws, they all are staying cozy.

Hilary said...

Love the cinnamon color
Love the open shelves and love your le creuset collection
What is behind the picture of dogs? Storage?
It’s a great working kitchen!

Theresa said...

Hilary, the dog pic is on the back of the island which houses the workings for the vent and big drawers for pots, pans and bowls, all at the front of course. It is a great kitchen to work in. After years of mediocre kitchens I knew exactly what I wanted when we built this house.

beckster said...

I love your kitchen, Theresa! It is so comforting, whimsical, colorful, and efficient. Indeed, it is the perfect kitchen to work in. I spend most of my time in the kitchen, and I would love spending time in this one. I, too, know what I want in a kitchen, but I doubt I will ever get it. I am too old to go through another renovation in a house I live in at the time. Are the pictures of the dogs painted on the drawers? Very clever.
I am glad to hear that everything is going as planned with your mother. I hope she settles in nicely with the barn cat. I bet both will appreciate the change.
I am anxious to see the hood made up. I have very thin and short hair, and I need a good hood pattern, and I am anxious to see your Wiksten kimono. With all the kimono patterns out there, I have yet to see anyone explain why this one is superior, but everyone seems to thinks so.
I have always been a Gordon Lightfoot fan, so thanks for the ballad. We must be of an age.

Theresa said...

Beckster, One of my favorite kitchens to work in was in the 1774 Vermont house, it was small and not well laid out but there was an old farm table in the center and many meals where prepped there by myself and other hands. The table was not as old as the house, but it had been there for at least 4 generations before we got the place. Kitchens are living things, and happy ones shine no matter what they look like. ;-)
The kimono is cut out, the hood will have to wait a bit. I'll be sure to report on both of them as they are completed.

Leigh said...

Your kitchen looks so inviting. Love all the colors. I adore Gordon Lightfoot and saw him in concert in Portland several years back. That deep resonant voice was all but gone - but still it was great to hear him sing all my favorites. I about wore the words off my greatest hits tape back in the day. I love a good ballad and he was a winner. Johnny Horton did a good job too. Sink the Bismark!

Excellent resolution on the kitty/mom front. Hopefully they will both be happy. I'm going to have to go back through some of your shirt posts to see which patterns you liked and why. I need a good shirt pattern. I'm sure I have several in stash, so I'll have to go root through it. And then see what pattern review also says. I tend to have the luck of buying that one that fits no one and the instructions are backwards or something.

Know what you mean about sharing. Mine don't share even when they don't want it. They're corgis, so not much out there that they won't eat, but still.

I'm moderately hopeful about the house, but suspect it may be too little too late. I'm sure it is for climate change. However, I won't be here to see the really bad parts, so that's something.

Susan said...

Boy, I could move into and live in that kitchen! Wowza! I am thinking I might tiptoe onto the bandwagon on that kimono jacket, too. It looks like something I might be able to sew. Hey - making smaller pants, hey? Congratulations! I remember both those events, having grown up on the southern shore of Lake Erie. So much violence and sadness and loss in our world. I am doubly, triply thankful for my blog community. (I don't think I have seen anything so completely adorable as that parting shot. OMG.)