Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Post Apocalypse Fabric Shopping

Okay, so maybe that is a bit dramatic but really, going out of business was sort of like a nuclear option! And for a little while I felt like I didn't want to sew and was treating my curated stash like a shrine.  Well, I got over it. Things got cut, things got sewn, and most of all, new shops were discovered and fabrics were added.

Lets start with something that has been sitting around for a year. I loved both fabrics aesthetically but really didn't like working with either one.

The wool suiting had a lot of stretch in it making it hard and heavy to work with. The silk, no stretch or give whatsoever and was slippery as all get out.

 But I got through it and have a nice black duster to grab on those days that it is too cold for no coat at all but not cold enough for a winter coat.

I tried out the simplest garment pattern from the Lotta Jansdotter book and love it.

 Cute, comfortable and nicely drafted.

 I'm thinking an almost maxi length in some lightweight linen for the next go round on this pattern, with pockets of course!

Lastly, in-process, a Merchant & Mills pattern (The Dress Shirt), made up with some cotton linen bought on sale.

 I think I got this at the clear the bolt 75% off sale. For the bib front I paired it with some lovely leftover Japanese fabric I had saved for a number of years. They go perfectly together I think. This is   a longer length, not quite maxi, but mid calf. I can wear it with leggings or not.

So where am I buying fabric? Well, a few places. First up is Fabrics -Store. Com.  The is the go to place for linen in all weights (solids, yarn dyed, jacquards etc.). The prices and the daily sales are EXCELLENT!

Here is 12 yards each of heavyweight natural and bleached for linen blankets and some handkerchief linen in bleached for summer undergarments and sleepwear although it would be lovely for pillowcases too....

The second store just happens to be in Oregon. Cool Cottons in Portland. I didn't know that until I ordered but nice to keep the money in state and the shipping certainly is reasonable. Prices are good, maybe a little better than average, but prices for newer fabrics are pretty close all over. Finding a store that shares your taste in fabrics is a whole different ball of wax.

This place has a nice selection by my taste and I'll be back. Packing was great and shipping lightening fast.  These two are lovely cottons.

The toadstools and foxes is so smooth and tightly woven it feels like a lawn.
And this is a cotton linen blend.

Who wouldn't love a fabric with hedgies, foxes, owls and other assorted wildlife?!

In the weaving studio, Nick has been cleared of his kitchen towel warp and here is the run, washed, hemmed and pressed.

 Most are promised out, two I am keeping and one is making it to the gift pile. Next up on him is a 700 end bath towel warp. I need to count heddles though before I start threading.

The prayer flags got their silk bindings.

Next is to sew bells on them and add some dowels for hanging and then out and off they go.

The Gem was emptied too of his trade warp. I managed a beautiful twill runner and two fun place mats out of it. I changed the treadling and the weft for the mats.

They are all washed and dried, awaiting finish work. Maybe today! The Gem is going out on loan since a friend is interested in ordering one of her own. What better way to be sure of a large purchase than to get a little time in actually using one? It is not like I am loom poor and since this is a portable it makes it easy to get it from place to place.

Parting shot: The Squirrels Must DIE!
Only bushy tailed rodents make the hair stand up!


Anonymous said...

I see that Jack has decided to change the banner of your log to something a bit more current ;-) Got to love that dog!

Theresa you have been busy! Nice to see your sewing mojo has returned. Love quilt squares towels, especially the multi-colored version. The prayer flags are just awesome.

I agree Squirrels must die!

Cindie said...

Fun to see what's going on in the sewing and weaving studio.

Peg Cherre said...

Love, love, LOVE those towels!

I, too, like the new banner photo. In my ideal world it would be a bit shorter so I could see the date of your latest post without having to scroll down, but even without that, a new photo is welcome.

Michelle said...

Love those new towels; so bright and cheery! Don't faint; I actually went to JoAnn's yesterday while my car's oil was being changed, and purchased fabric. ;-) With the trees next door gone, we need some simple panels in our narrow north windows for privacy, especially in Brian's bathroom. I figure my Featherweight and I can handle some straight seams.

Maggie said...

That Merchant & Mills pattern is one of my favorites, too. So comfy! Have you tried buying linen from Dharma Trading? They have good quality and prices.

Theresa said...

Maggie, I finished it yesterday and since it is St. Pat's day, its being worn. It is a VERY comfy pattern. I'll have to check Dharma out. Thanks!

Michelle, Thank you! OMG, you sewing. Hooray. If you need help just give a holler.

Peg, I love them too. I am certainly going to do another run of them. Maybe as pillowcases.
Blogger sizes the pic for you, so even if I cropped more it would still size it to fit the space. Jack is an awesome little weaver don't cha know!

Cindie, after the last few weeks it's just nice to be in the sewing room!

Martha, You know Jack just couldn't wait to check out that new wolf pup and let it know who alpha weaver is! ;-) Spike would gladly dispatch all the squirrels if he could catch them. The others bark a good game, but unlikely they would go in for a kill, except Robin. For all his sweetness I've seen him take out a mouse or two. Terrier through and through.

Peg Cherre said...

Does Jack often stick a tooth out?

Theresa said...

Peg, Tooth? What tooth? ;-) Yes, Jack has had a significant under bite all his life and age and dental work have taken their toll. That lower canine has nothing next to it any longer and it has traveled a bit to the outmost regions since ball handling and bone chewing are still very much a part of his day. He still has the upper canines, but only the one lower. He thinks it gives him a rakish air and I have to agree.....

Janine said...

Belated happy birthday. I continue to enjoy your stories of sewing, weaving , animals and your wonderful scenery ( including the snow ! )

Hilary said...

Wow.. you found some lovely material and your towels are so appealing. As for the squirrel killer.. too cute.