Sunday, March 27, 2016

Does a Good Pocket Make Up for a So-So Sleeve?

That answer would be a No! In sewing things just don't average out like in other things. And I fall for a cut on sleeve at least once or twice a year. The Fancy Tiger Craft Fen dress is not a bad pattern. It is well done, nicely drafted, has a plethora of options and looks great on many body types.

 I am just not one of them. But I do love a great pocket and the Fen has one.

I have stolen those pattern pieces and am frankenpatterning them onto my much loved Scout tee. I cut out a test run for it in a handkerchief linen which I can replace easily and inexpensively.

While the Fen didn't work out as I had hoped, the Lotta Jansdotter patterns are working up better than expected! This is the Esme done in tunic length complete with split neckline and wide facing.

The facing actually went in well and behaved nicely. Now I had to draft out a bit, her cut and sizing is a bit skimpy and the sleeve more so. But it was quite easy to do and the result is a very comfortable and nicely fitting sleeve.  This pattern, like my Grainline Studio Scout pattern can offer endless possibilities once you have the basic fit adjusted. There is also a little cap sleeve option.

The Kiota top got made up as a long tunic or dress in a very fine smooth cotton.

 I loved this print, it has two of my favorite things, Foxes and toadstools! Now if I could only find gnomes. ;-)
It has been paired with a handkerchief linen pant using Tina Given's Phoebe pant.

Light, loose and just perfect for hot summer days. I like this style and will be making a few more in linen.

Everyone is feeling the call of spring, even if it has been rather damp and cold. Excavation jobs have been started and are moving along.

Our prime mover and shaker here has earned a new nick name. Mud Hooks!

Some additional fabric purchases. A little here and a little there. Trying out new sellers. So far one of my favorites is Fabrik.

Etsy sellers, Bobbie Lou's, ZeetZeet and Fabrik

Good prices, not an overwhelming selection and they offer a discount with your next purchase. Shipping is reasonable. I have a second fabric on its way using the coupon included with the first. And yes, I rebought that cute fox and toadstool fabric. Some you just love so much you want it in stash. Mushrooms and toadstools are plentiful this year, so you'll be seeing them "sprouting" up frequently.

A quick trip into the Webster's yielded some wonderful finds. Softball cotton in 765 yard skeins hand dyed for ikat patterning. You can be sure this is going to be woven up into something wonderful some how. The yarn is "Wicket" by Prism Yarns.

 Heads up, there are a slew of Habu yarns that will be discontinued. Webster's had these marked 25% off and I picked up a few different styles to try in various warps. A book I have been meaning to add into the collection also popped into the cart.

Yesterday I delivered the Gem for a tryout with friend Cindie. Instead of going home with an empty car, Cindie made a gift of a number of cones of softball cotton she had used years ago to weave baby blankets. I added a lot of fun into my stash and she made some room for more of the things she is using.  The bright yellow made it into the Wolf Pup warp immediately.

 Thank you so much! Then of course, we ended up at The Kitchen Store filling up a few bags and emptying wallets before lunch. It was too cold and rainy to do the Grower's Market there but we made a date for another Saturday when the weather is better.

Parting shot: Sunshine (like most things.), is best when shared.


  1. So happy to see your Fen - I agree, great pocket, steal-worthy. And I really like the sleeveless tunic - nice to see a high round neck. The pups are adorable - some pretty good digging there. OK, off to look at the new fabric stores. I LOVE fancy tiger crafts fabric selection...

  2. The pockets on the Fen are fantastic, and I love the Esme tunic as well as the sleeveless tunic. Your shopping haul is quite impressive-how I miss fabric shopping with you. Happy Easter.

  3. I really like your Lotta Jansdotter makes. I have to put that book on my wish list now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Sounds like you and Cindie had a splendid shopping and lunch day! Love your new additions of yarn and of course all the wonderful fabric stash. Glad to see that Marigold has fit right into the pack. Who is digging the giant hole? Robin?

  5. Just doing what Jack Russells do best!!! Love that picture! Great yarn haul (fabric, too!!!) I'm glad the Pup is weaving nicely for you.

  6. LA- Yep, and she's got the big fat feet for it I might add. I've been having fun with the fabric and yarn finds that's for sure.

    Martha, We had a lovely time even though the weather was crappy. The little digging machine is Stella and she wasn't letting anyone near her site. You could here her growling when anyone wanted to join in.

    Martha, I'm really liking the Jansdotter patterns too. They have the simplicity of some of the Japanese pattern books but without all the sizing issues and of course, she has some very pretty fabric patterns that work so nicely with them.

    Mary, I miss shopping with you too but can't wait to hear about that week of creativity you had in Taos! The Fen pockets are working on the Scout tee.

    Coco, I'm betting that Fen sleeve would work for you better than I. I like the neck on the Kiota too, although I don't gather it quite as much as they would have you do it. I do love the armhole shape on.

  7. Thank you for such a kind shout out :) I am so pleased that you love your new bench and are a return customer, so thank you for that too!
    All the best,
    Janet Fox

  8. Thank you for such a kind shout out :) I am so pleased that you love your new bench and are a return customer, so thank you for that too!
    All the best,
    Janet Fox