Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fanfare for the Common Bird

My utmost respects to Aaron Copland, you couldn't have a better ear worm for the day!

This handsome trio displayed for me as I was trying to leave my folks home. Just around the corner from their house is the golf course and these guys were showing off in the road. They strutted and did their courtly dance for quite a while in front of me, but finally I had to move on. No sign of any hens.

The back room, the three season room is finally being opened up and made pretty for use. The little Sidekick is set up and ready to spin

 and I am storing the fun novelty cottons in there for weaving.

Another placemat on the Wolf Pup done with some softball cotton.

The softball cotton is also being used on Nora's play warp.

 The ground weft is some natural soft cotton rug warp.  Odd but cute kitchen towels maybe? The Louet Spring has seen a little weaving too but I didn't get upstairs for a picture. Right now it is a linen weft in rust.

In the sewing salon, I grabbed some of that heavier weight linen and used it for another pair of the Phoebe pants.

These are so fun and comfortable. I embellished them with a piece of an old hand embroidered linen towel. Last year at the Rogue Valley Manor annual sale, I picked up some linens. Nice handwork but maybe stained or worn or faded. These little Scotties spoke to me and finally, they have a new use. I think I paid .25 cents for the towel.

I also grafted the Fen pockets onto the Grainline Scout tee pattern.

Worked a charm but next time I will raise the bodice just a little.

I like the waist to be a little higher but not quite empire.  This is a nice grey green handkerchief linen and no doubt it will see a lot of wear come warmer weather. Such a nice color!

As you have all figured out I don't shy away from prints of any kind, so lets go over some stash stuff.

Hedgies and mushrooms plus a great large print in fall colors. This is a sateen cotton. Both of these are from Wiggle Fabric, an Etsy seller.

And then there are these from Stash Fabric.

 Great prices and they have an extensive sale selection.
I love the ombre solids. We'll see how they work up. I wish I could find linen ombre.

Finally it was Stella's 6th birthday yesterday. What a wonderful, fun 6 years we've had and how lucky for Timmy too. All those saves! ;-)

Parting shot: Whose toes are those?


  1. ah, you got the Fen pockets onto your fave top pattern.Nice new fabrics and you are tempting me to buy, even from afar.

  2. I love seeing all the fun photos and what is on your looms. Happy Birthday Stella!

  3. OMG those turkeys are GREAT! And thanks for the earworm!

    Your sewing never fails to amaze me. I really want those pants. Since I never go anywhere, it would take me several lifetimes to wear what you sew in one month. ;-)

  4. SIX YEARS?!? My, how time flies!

  5. Whoa, what awesome turkeys!! That must have been a sight to see. Your weaving looks great all around and I see you're all set to do some relaxing spinning. Looks like fun :-)

  6. They look just like turkeys! Nice pics. I meet an occasional iguana in the road and am awed. I really like the pockets on the Fen dress. Wonder if they sell just the front of the pattern! And your Phoebe's are so so nice.

  7. Coco, Those turkeys really looked like city turkeys compared to our "country" turkeys. You could always just get the PDF and print what you want.....

    Judy, Hi! Yep, spinning is on the menu.

    Michelle, Oh don't you know it. I wish I could stop time for her right now.

    Peg, Yes, they are so cool. You know turkeys are an introduced species to the west. Those Phoebe pants are just perfect for slopping around the house. I am going to use the same pattern for PJ bottoms in knit.

    Kim, Thank you! And (more) treats will be doled out in your honor with those B-day wishes. ;-)

    Mary, Well, some of the links might garner you a wanted fabric or two. I'm sure the linen place is on your list and if it isn't it should be. Waiting to hear about your recent creative adventure! :-)

  8. STELLLLAAAAA, Happy 6th Birthday!

    Love your new fabric choices and the pants are just awesome.

    Looks like all your looms are also keeping you busy!