Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Using Vertical Space

We have many high ceilings in this house. I both love and hate them. I love the airiness it gives me and I dislike the wastefulness of it. I love the canvas it provides, yet hate having to paint it. And once in a great while I get a clever and probably weird idea on a new way to use all that height.

Let me explain.....
When we got the Tempurpedic mattress it made making the bed a real headache. Everything was SO tight at the footboard and the mattress itself weighs a flipping ton. I had finally had enough and marched down into our messy basement and found a piece of thick oval wood handrail to be exact, that could be a new foot rail in place of the old big hand painted footboard we had.

Look, Jack AGAIN! ;)
Worked a charm too. But what was I going to do with the footboard, hand painted from an old narrow door so many years ago? Storing it just seemed a pity. I'm no artist, but it has great sentimental value and someday I might want to use it again. So, let's hang it  (doors are supposed to be hung right?) and treat it like art. It's my house and I get to say what pleases me to see. And that's what we did.

I see this side from the desk

 and this side from the family room.

I think I even have some cobalt blue paint downstairs to hit the bottom since it was painted in place way back when.

Weaving has been progressing slowly. I am doing a little runner on the play warp.

I've gotten quite a bit further than this picture shows. It is slow going with all the color changes but it is fun weaving just the same.The pattern is from an old 2009 Handwoven.

In the sewing salon, muslin's of new to me pattern , McCalls 7093.

I'm liking it. The first edition was okay,

The front is too short for my liking but the pattern provides a tunic option.  I literally used an old oxford cotton sheet for this.

 I had cleaned out and pared down two of my main closets. I have lots of good sheeting for muslin's. The second edition is done as the tunic and in a scrap piece of linen I was given for free.

 It's beautiful stuff, fine, silky and produced at only 36" so had some age to it. It was pristine though and this sweet sheer version is an undershirt. I need to bind the neck and do the hemming.This version is a bit too long, but I'll get it just right on the third go round.

It's topping a new pair of linen pants done in charcoal grey rustic linen.  TNT pattern.

On other garment came out of the salon last week. In time for Super Bowl 50 I might add. My "Broncos" tunic using Tina Given's Peplone pattern.

 I had so much fun with this. The western fabric had been in stash forever, the grey blue linen a leftover piece as was the red linen which I used for binding.

 And look, Denver won! What a defense! Peyton Manning, retire a winner, please.

We are having a February thaw.  The horses are just starting to shed. The white areas release first. I have no idea why. And here's this months fox.

 Such a cute little calendar!

Parting shot: When he's not barking at squirrels and turkeys......
He can be found snoozing under an Oregon Sun. 


Michelle said...

Lovely post!

Yvonne said...

Thanks for the patterns! :-)

LA said...

Great idea! The "footboard" has a new home....I can understand why you don't want to just store it. Love that McCalls pattern--raglan sleeves are my favorite.

Mary said...

What a wonderful new art piece to showcase your lovely space. Very inventive and I also am inspired by your sewing. I had planned to sew today but taxes.

Peg Cherre said...

I love the door cum footboard cum vaulted ceiling art! Nice idea and good implementation. Touching up the bottom with cobalt will finish the look beautifully.

Theresa said...

Peg, Thank you! I'll be digging out the paint today I think. It's hung with texsolv. So many uses for that stuff!!

Mary, Hope you got through the taxes....

LA, I'm a big fan of raglan sleeves too and it's nice to find a woven T shirt pattern with them instead of a knit.

Yvonne, Enjoy!

Michelle, Thank you. Doesn't hold a candle to those sunrises of yours though!

Coco said...

Love the cowboy shirt!

The footboard is great, neat way to show it. I have high ceilings in my 'great area' as well. I like them because they are so calm. Right now, however, the warmth lingers upstairs and I'm cold on the first floor. This is temporary - it'll be in the 80s in a couple days and I'll miss the chill.

Your pups are great.