Friday, February 19, 2016

Today's Snow is Tomorrows Mud

And that is the honest truth at this time of year. We have had some record warmth for the better part of last week into this one. Not only did most of our snow disappear but a lot of the areas started to dry and firm up. Until Wednesday night into Thursday. It started as torrential rain and ended up as 6 inches of heavy wet white slush. The wind was wicked. The horses flighty, manes and tails billowing behind like smoke, goats bleating in protest even further behind. And now mud, the black, deep boot sucking mud that is unavoidable. I have lots of dry areas in the paddock, high hills and back sections that rise nicely under trees, both wind breaks and solid ground available but the low gate area is the pits every spring.

I have very little to show for a week gone by. I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning, organizing things from my Dad's weaving studio into what I want to keep and what I'll be selling for him. He has a lot of yarn and I have had to get creative with storage solutions. It is amazing what I can find when I shop my own messy basement. I'll have pics next round.

The Murphy loom has sold. I dropped the price and fingers crossed he has found a perfect home with a new weaver who will love and enjoy him as much as I have over the years.

There was a little weaving going on. The towel warp on Nick the big Macomber is moving along nicely.

On this towel I used linen paper yarn. I want to see how it holds up. It is used historically for fabric in Japan. This is a Habu product and so far it's fun to work with but tricky to get onto the bobbins. It's a little heavier than the usual pattern weft so things aren't quite square but I like the effect regardless. Nora and her play warp have seen a little action too, but really, it is the endless rows of rose path flowers right now.

The Louet Spring is now happily installed in the guest room.

 I cut two towels off the loom and they have been washed, hemmed and await pressing and pics. Removing them allowed me to pull the warp forward to re tension and tie it and start back in weaving on this cottolin warp.

After all the travel things were a bit wonky. I went through and tightened all bolts up too. She needed it and now she is weaving again. I have a lovely view from the guest room window.

I'm betting any company won't mind sharing space with this lovely and quiet loom.

And speaking of views, this was mine last Friday heading down "the hill".

 Often at this time of year the valley is fogged in for the morning while we are bright and sunny.

It is always interesting to see the fog bank on the drive down.

If any of you weaver's reading this need rug wool, I'm giving it away for the cost of shipping.

There are 46 cakes of the blue grey, 10 hanks of the light brown, 5 of the dark brown,

 and two of the burnt orange.

They are two slightly different shades. It's been packed away in a chest with lavender. Smells great but you'll find some flowers in it. You have to take the whole enchilada.

Parting shot: Jack and Hazel and Spike (the lump under the blanket), enjoying guest room amenities.
I must be the most watched woman in America! ;-)


  1. We've just been getting the torrential rains here - this morning it's crazy windy with sideways rain. No complaints from long as we don't lose power.

  2. I had to click to enlarge that view from your guest room; the screen made your driveway look paved with those lovely pavers and I was feeling envious!

    Lance and I are getting restless; it's been too wet to ride when I'm home. :-(

  3. You may be the most watched woman in America but those that are watching you are watching with love. The Spring looks nice and settled into your guest room. Wonderful news to hear that the Murphy has gone to a new home - still wish that home was mine but alas we live to far apart. Pets for the kids

  4. I would be happy to share that guest room with a loom. :-) It is so nice to see the view of the valley from atop the little hill ( ha ha)

  5. I love how the pups want to be with you while you weave! Isn't it nice to have company! Lovely view from the top!!! Enjoy!

  6. I'm not usually a fan of overshot, but I LOVE that draft of the towel warp on Nick. Wanna share it?

    I've often thought about weaving rugs for myself, more common thoughts lately, but I'm not really a rug weaver. Otherwise I'd jump on your offer. I'm sure you'll find the perfect person for it all!

  7. Your weaving is coming along so well! Congrats on the new loom, the Spring is such a great design. Wow, the mud would get old, and be a challenge to get chores done. Here's hoping that it dries up soon!