Saturday, February 27, 2016

New Loom

When my folks and husband asked what I wanted for my birthday (next Tuesday BTW and I'll be 58), the choice was obvious. I need a tiny loom to do what the Murphy loom has done now for a number of years. Narrow prayer flag weaving. I don't do them often but when I do, it is thoughtful and meditative weaving. So Gene and the folks went in halves on a Schacht Wolf Pup LT loom. She arrived late Thursday .

 Yesterday I put her together since one really needs to make sure there are no problems and I wanted to wind the warp on the Murphy onto the Pup. It was an interesting experience.

I didn't do a whiz bang job of the wind on but then again, maiden warps are more about getting to know and use a loom than the actual weaving. This loom is a little marvel of engineering really. Great shed, easy treadling, beautiful Schacht workmanship and it folds up for travel or storage.

 And oh heck, it's just plain cute too.  Thank you so much to my generous crew of enablers. What a wonderful birthday gift! And for those who might also be in the market for a portable Schacht loom, a shout out to Linda Ihle owner of Island Fiberworks who was a dream to work with and her prices are EXCELLENT for Schacht products.

Having a second set of some weaving tools is quite the luxury. With my Dad's accessories came another electric bobbin winder.

 I am putting it to use upstairs. It is easy enough to fill a bin with the yarns I want to weave on the Spring and/or Gem and keep it upstairs.

 I appreciate not having to run downstairs to fill bobbins or select yarns. I also appreciate having enough really nice shuttles to go around to all the looms. Right now 4 out of 5 are warped and that takes a fair amount of resources.

I started in on an abandoned sewing project from last year. Here it is in process with the lining getting bagged in.

 Not much else to show in sewing salon but these two prayer flags, which were cut off the Murphy.

These will get cream silk binding top and bottom.

The top with a pocket for a dowel or cord, the bottom with bells and such sewn on.  I like the new design a lot.

A fun new book came.

It has patterns included in it. They are all very simple but I love the aesthetic of the book and the designer and have enjoyed it for the inspiration.

 I want to give the tunic a try out in maxi length. I can see it being a comfortable piece done in linen for the summer.

Parting shot: Photobombers in training.
Oh LOOK! Orange Timmy has surfaced again after the great melt.


  1. What a nifty little loom! And what thoughtful family - gifts you love and will enjoy for a long time.

    Happy Birthday! Mine is tomorrow, so we are only a day or 2 days apart, depending on Leap Year. Enjoy.

  2. p.s. I'll be 68...a relief, I've never liked odd number years. Weirdo.

  3. I've been did balls get to be called Timmy?

    Have fun with your new 'pup.'

  4. Love the newest puppy at your house. Hope your Birthday is filled with cake and ice cream. Also very happy to see that orange Timmy has been found - it is always a disaster when he goes missing. Pets for all the trainee photo bombers and for the king photo bomber Jack.

  5. Coco hope you have a wonderful birthday!

    Peg, I answered your question privately and I am certainly looking forward to some good weaving times with the Pup.

    Martha, I hope we have loads of cake and ice cream too dang it! Stella appreciates the understanding about orange Timmy. The rest of us I guess are not appropriately sympathetic I guess. Pets to all, trainee's and master photo bombers.

  6. Well, Theresa, I think you're to blame for this: I went to the McCall's website to buy that cute tunic pattern from you last installment, and it's sold out! I already had fabric picked out for it! I'll head to JoAnn's today to see if they have it. You're such an inspiration!

  7. Congrats on the new loom! I have one of the wolf pups that I found used and it has been a great loom to use.

  8. What a sweet little Pup!!! Welcome to the pack! (You will enjoy weaving on her....I promise!)

  9. Happy Birthday, you young puppy! And speaking of which, love the last pic.