Sunday, July 12, 2015

In the Garden

I'm pretty happy with my year 3 little front flower garden. It's a bit wild and I suppose after all my plotting and planning and planting it ended up being just what I wanted.

 A little of this and a little of that.  And of course, we have some special fish in the garden too. I just adore this addition.

The deer have not gotten to it yet, but the summer drags on and I saw my first fawn a few days ago.

There has been a titch of sewing, mostly favorites like this cross over Tee pattern modified from the Grainline Studio's Scout Tee.

 This one in a Japanese double gauze. I had worked with this type of fabric before and disliked it but this time around either the fabric was better or I am more accomplished or a little of both.

 In any event it is a wonderful on, soft and comfortable in a great color.  I added another piece of this type of fabric into my stash in a dark color.

I did a wearable muslin on the sleeved version of the Decades of Style "Given a Chance" dress and my  frankenpattern came out pretty good.

I need to trim the sleeve down just a bit, but it was a very good first go at it.  I just love the little folds on the bodice.

One of the patterns from the Bold & Beautiful book got a redo too. This little kimono jacket got some modifications and I like it better.

I think just a few more adjustments are in order for "perfection" !

Lastly, another Mississippi Ave dress, in a white lawn with little robots on it.

 I think this will end up shorter. I wanted to try a really long dress version of it as a tunic and I'm not sure the length will work. It is easy enough to shorten though.

Between thunderstorms and fire watches, it was a busy week and a half. We had a nice 4th of July, not too busy although Gene got called out later in the evening for a possible smoke. It ended up being in CA and we've had some decent rain since then. My mother has had some complications with her hip replacement and has been back in the hospital since Weds. Fingers crossed this time around goes smoothly. We have fortified her with good books, hand made chocolates and lots of flowers.

Parting shot: Robin, who use to be white and red. Summer is the best time for rolling in the dirt don't ya know!


  1. first - so sorry that Mom has had problems with that hip...hope she does well in hospital. Then - I'm crazy about the double gauze top, what a great color and print. And the robots rock.

    Your garden is so lovely. Dreamy and calm.

  2. Those fish are just the right touch in your garden! (I have a metal dragonfly!) So many lovely new sewing are my inspiration!

  3. I think your little garden areas are charming - love the fish :) Hope your mother is home again and well soon. Books are good medicine!

  4. Gardens look wonderful and so do your new tops!

  5. Theresa! I was delighted to hear from you. I've been a very bad blog visitor these days, shame on me.

    Your garden is lovely and I love the fish. So clever! And I see you are just as prolific as ever with needle and thread.

    I hope your mom has a quick resolution to her hip problems.