Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Last 10 Days in Mostly Pictures

I just can't begin to tell you how busy it has been and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat this summer, but here is what has been happening around our little spot in the world to get you updated (even if it is  pretty spartan on text!).

My Mom has had some ups and downs with the hip but so far, is holding her own.

Charlotte is not doing so well, but we'll keep on keeping on until she decides not to.

 Lots of treats, favorite foods and cuddles daily.

Sewing has been sporadic but productive.

Another Grainline Scout variation

Mississippi Ave tunic and linen pants
A new pattern was tried out, Tina Givens "Bianca". I can't say the instructions are terribly good or the drafting, but it did all work out quite wonderfully with a little thought and adjustments.

While I haven't traveled this summer, I have good friends that have. Best of all they bring back gifts!
Fox ribbon from a Washington State trip. So cute!

Pattern and Liberty bias tape both from Purl Soho in NYC.

I snuck in a half day with friend Cindie (Eweniquely Ewe), and couldn't resist taking home some of the fab Ashland Bay merino she sells.

And in the weaving studio, things are hopping! The Macomber St. Nick has been dressed and is getting threaded for pillowcases! 12 yards and 488 ends......

And in the great outdoors, I have finally gotten my best bud out for a spin around our usual trails.
He was as always, the same sane horse I left on my last ride sometime in February or March.

I startled a turkey hen and her chicks, one flew into the tree. There was a lot of calling and clucking once I left the area but the family was reunited.

Parting shot: The end to a perfect day, napping on a lap in the comfy chair.
Hazel Rose


  1. Continued positive thoughts for your Mom!!!! I'm so glad you had a chance for a ride this week...I know how much you enjoy those.

  2. I think a lot of people are extremely busy this summer, as the number of blog posts showing up in Reader is way down. I'm glad to see you're doing all your usual lovely things, though; thanks for letting us check in!

  3. Pillowcases! Can't wait to seem them :-)

  4. LA, Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, they are so appreciated. Both Cooper and I enjoyed our ride. It had been way too long.

    Michelle, I have to agree, these last 18 months or so have been busier for just about everyone circling in my universe. The sewing and weaving are certainly mental health staples. The riding I've missed but I can go out and at least spend some zen time with the boys daily.

    Diane, I made these cases a number of years ago and they are WONDERFUL! Still going strong too as they wear like iron. This will be a run for mostly gifts. But you know, if I could get my hands on some nice 6/2 cotton the pattern would make great dish towels too...

  5. fingers still crossed for your mom. Wow, it must be something to get the yarn on that loom. 12 yard pieces - aack! do the dogs help ? Charlotte is looking so beautiful and peaceful. And Cooper very handsome. Bet he loved his ride.

  6. I have never woven pillow cases or even thought about it. Looking forward to seeing them!