Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Year of the Horse

Which of course was last year, when this lovely woodcut print was imagined and produced by Oregon artist Midge Black. It was one of the lovely birthday gifts I received in this, the year of the goat, as in Old Goat, which I am. ;-)

Seeing as it was an eclectic year for gifts, rather than show you the gift itself I would post some of what it does.

 As you can see, our deck is a night circus of sorts.  The foxes and the raccoon where on the deck at about the same time. If you missed it, you can just see the second fox of my much prized pair in the last pic. They are looking for sunflower seeds, which the birds tend to scatter on the deck. The trail camera is now on the back 40, up where the horses look when they look worried in the early mornings. Maybe we'll capture something enlightening.

I also need to pick a class to take from Craftsy since a dear friend surprised me with a gift certificate for one. SO MANY to chose from....

And lastly, something pretty to grace the bed.

 I just adore these 50's sort of colors and prints and the quilting is itself so beautifully done.

Big enough for every one to scoot under for a mid afternoon nap.

And in-between naps we have gotten a bit of sewing done. Three of these wonderful raglan sleeved #64's from the Merchant & Mills pattern

 I love this pattern so much I just might make 64 of them, who knows!

 I think it's the built in pockets that make it so much fun to sew.

 I have some nice linen in stash and I think we'll play around with sleeve length for some summery variations.

The runner on the Gilmore Gem warp is now just being finished up.

 Placemats will follow and then maybe end with a hand towel or two. We'll see how far this warp travels but I am happy with the colors and the simple pattern.

I find myself most often drawn towards four shaft patterns. In weaving, for me at least, less may be more.

So birthday week was filled with lots of fun, love and some great gifts too. I have many blessings to be grateful for.

Parting shot: And speaking of blessings I can certainly name this one. JACK!


  1. Sounds as though your birthday week (!) was a success-love those wildlife pics. The sewing you have done is wonderful, and the prints are just so cheerful and fun. My new jacket (Islander Jacket Express) is not quite so colorful but it is an unexpected lilac. Give the animals a smooch for me.

  2. Happy Birthday Theresa! The fox pair on your deck are beautiful, love the photos you captured. Sounds like your birthday week was a smashing success! Love the quilt on your bed, did someone make it for you? Thank you for the wonderful picture of Jack, is such a handsome rogue!

  3. "And lastly, something pretty to grace my bed." I was expecting another puppy when I scrolled down!!!! But, that quilt is lovely! LOVE the new #64 tops....I've got to get busy!

  4. Love the colors of the warp, fresh and warm at the same time. I also like to weave on four shafts, there are so many possibilities. Happy birthday!

  5. A belated happy birthday! Looks like you had a lovely week.

  6. A belated happy birthday from me, too! I didn't realize foxes are so cat-like in appearance; haven't ever seen one IRL.

  7. Michelle, These are grey foxes and even more catlike than their red cousins,a bit smaller and can and do climb trees, although not like a cat or a bear.

    Rhonda, Thank you and yes, I did. ;-)

    Charlotte, 4 is always a winner for my weaving, although I've had a few nice 8 shafts patterns too.

    LA, Oh god NO, not another dog. I have too many as it is.
    Yes, it is a beautiful quilt and there are a few more 64's in the works..

    Martha, Thank you and so glad you enjoyed the snap of Jack. I thought of you when I posted that one. Yes, the quilt was hand made by friends. One did the piecing and the other the beautiful quilting. I don't know who drew the short straw and had to do the binding though...

    Mary I'm betting lilac is your color. Pics soon maybe?
    The camera now is on the back 40 and we'll see what we come up with in a few days time.

  8. I love the foxes, too! I don't think I'd be happy with them coming on my deck, but I'd love seeing them. We don't have many grays here, almost all reds. They're all beautiful!

  9. I just ordered some linen and raw silk to dye and make some Merchant & Mills tops. Your sewing is always inspiring!
    Gorgeous quilt!