Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Narwhals! Narwhals!

OMG, the most persistent ear worm ever!  I simply couldn't get rid of it so I made it one of the ringtones on my new smart phone. They are, after all, awesome. ;-)

Last week was one of those weeks. The horses had their second round of shots and both came up lame and off their feed. Thursday morning required another vet visit for Banamine shots. Or should I say one shot. Cooper saw Vet Gail and Gene heading for the gate and took off. No way he was going to be caught.

But where was I? Well, earlier in the week, Jack must have had a heated discussion with another of his housemates and had a pretty swollen infected muzzle. Likely got clipped by a tooth on the inside. Of course, being Jack, there simply wasn't going to be a lot of poking around to see while he was awake. Since he was going to have to be sedated it seemed a good time to have a dental done
too. So Thursday morning I was heading to the vet to drop off a hungry, grumpy dog. My vet and my parents are about a mile apart, so I spent the day there doing the last little bit of unpacking. The boxes of books all got emptied and organized onto the bookshelves. I did the same with my Dad's yarn stash in the closet, fetched my Mom from her food shopping excursion, and a few other errands with the folks around town. At 3:00pm Jack was wobbly but ready to go home. So home we went. Horses are better, Jack is doing well and almost finished with his antibiotics.

Oh and I let the feral cats out of the tack room. Haven't seen them since Friday. Wynken, Blynken and Nod, may be Gone, Goner and Gonest....sigh. I'm hoping they will investigate and come back and make our property their home range. We don't leave the light on at night, but there's food out for you guys every morning.

I have some pics that aren't downloaded yet, and others I need to take, so consider this a quick update.

Parting shot: A very serious Hazel Rose.


  1. Oh no, poor Jack! Glad to hear that everybody is doing better now.
    Narwhals! Narwhals! - they are really awesome creatures

  2. Wow - all the pack are keeping you and Gene busy! Glad all are doing well. Bet those cats reappear...

  3. Oh, my! You've had a lot going on at your place. I'm glad Jack is on the mend.