Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Terriers Gone Wild

Holy hair covered comfy chair Batman, a troop of terriers acting like, well, terriers!!!

This one dispatched a mouse in a half a second flat and now comes to the moniker, Mouse Murderer.
It is yet to be determined if he will be come a serial killer and thus be bestowed the title "Mass Murderer".

This one dug out of the pen yesterday afternoon and gave her Mom and Dad heart failure. You can be sure the fence line has had extensive attention.

These two, no matter how many balls are available, always want the same one.

Quiet time up in the bedroom has now been replaced by TTW (Territorial Terrier Wrestling).

And this one will spend hours with hackles fully raised barking out the window at a grey squirrel.
He is often joined in this activity by 8 of his closest friends.

BTW, for those that also have one (or more), of these, it is MUCH easier to scare the rodent away than get the dog to shut up. Just saying.....

So spring has officially arrived here at least. Everything is shedding, a lot. The daffodils are just about to pop and since the winter has been so mild, the deer have moved back up, eaten the tulip leaves growing in the garden and nipped a few other things. Let the games begin!

Interesting clouds and fog roll into and out of the valley. These were taken Sunday on my drive down  to town early in the day.

I did manage to sew a pair of skinny jeans out of a lovely black Italian denim I bought a little over a year ago. I held onto it in hopes of the perfect pattern turning up and I'm glad I did. The new TNT Jocole Skinny Pant pattern is proving to be a winner for a lot of great fabrics in stash. Pics will have to wait, the pants never even hit Rhonda, they went directly to being worn and are now in the laundry.

The Gilmore warp is almost done and a new warp went on the Murphy this weekend.

It is hard to see but the warp is black, deep midnight blue and cream. It should be fun to weave.
Threading has stared and it is 16" at 24 epi (5/2 cotton) the pattern is Saterglantan Pattern from Davison's book page 35 for those interested. Likely runners and towels from this.

Parting shot: Three in Repose (Charlotte, Pogo and Hazel Rose).



  1. Spring indeed! what a cute bunch. Loving the warp in black/navy/cream. Spring is here as well - which means the mahogany trees are getting ready to drop their leaves and make a mess of the garden. Again. The nuts are dropping like bombs!

  2. The terriers are very cute! It is very mild here as well, extremely unusual, feels weird.Like the colors of the warp very much.

  3. The pooches are adorable and it's so true that it's easier to just send the squirrel on its way. Love those foggy shots. Spring is still taking its sweet time up here.

  4. There's never a dull moment around if you are blessed with terrorist....uh oh....I mean terriers. Looks like you have been richly blessed!!! (Can't wait to see the pants!)