Monday, February 9, 2015

They Call the Wind Mariah

We just call it kind of destructive. Heavy rains and high winds are never a good mix in a mountain forest. White Fir which is plentiful here has a fairly shallow root system, add 3 to 4 inches of rain in a few hours and 60 MPH plus winds and you get a bit of a mess. While I was talking on the phone with a girlfriend Friday morning, this tree gave out in the back yard. This tree was the beginning of my prayer flag string. Looks like some more prayer flag weaving is in my future.

 A little later, the power failed and then it turned into a "Can't get there from here." kind of day. There was flooding at the lower portions of Highway 66 and a landslide between mile post 13 and 14 (picture can be found here), had shut that portion of the highway down. The other way via the Hyatt Lake access road was closed due to multiple trees blocking the road as was the longer route to Klamath Falls. An epic soggy, muddy mess. Thankfully, we had no flooding up here other than paddocks and bit of water blowing under the basement door, nor did any more trees fall around the house and horse area. Others were not so lucky. We are very thankful for the generator. We had lights, we had heat, we could cook, sew, weave, read and watch TV, use the internet and in general, stay in touch. The road was cleared Friday night so Gene could get gas. The power finally came back on last night (Sunday) at about 9:30pm.

In the midst of all that my laundry room is torn apart. Wednesday, Gene and friend/floor installer Phil tore out the laundry room floor. The washer and dryer are living on the front porch (covered of course), and plans were to install the new subfloor and vinyl on Friday. That didn't work out so today, I'm told, is the day! Heck, with power I can even get some laundry done. :)

I wasn't too idle though, some sewing went on. These are the Jocole skinny pants done in a cotton twill/lycra border print.

 Please excuse the blurry photo. Here is a better photo of the border.

I used a little of the left over print for the back pockets.

 I also went on a cutting spree. It takes but one light over the cutting table energy-wise so Saturday I spent getting the "to sew" tubs filled back up. Weaving of course is power thrifty too.

This will probably be the last towel from the Murphy warp.  Magenta and bright yellow!I might eek out a bread towel from the very last bit. We'll just have to weave on and see. The Gem has the warp wound on and threading is in process.

Thursday was a lovely day and I had my usual in town day. There was a lot of wonderful new fabrics at Fabric of Vision, but I showed some restraint and only picked up a few for stash. My favorite by far is a take on Whack-a-Mole.

 I can't help but laugh at these little guys in their yellow hard hats.

And to keep the small, kind of cute, rodent theme going, these cotton mice will be matched with some eyelet lace and lovely white lawn for a pair of pillowcases.

That's pretty much it right now from saturated Southern Oregon. The sun will come out tomorrow though.... ;-)

Parting shot: Was that the power I heard?


  1. Glad you survived the storm with no harm. Electricity is a blessing which we really never appreciate till we do not have any. Our weather has been strange this year. Very little snow but cold and windy at times. Yesterday was spring like with temps in the 60's with cold weather coming back today. I really like the mouse print fabric. Look forward to see what you make with it.

  2. While over on the wildly windy/flooding/raining pitchforks and shovels coast I saw your slide on the news and heard about the winds, especially up at your elevation. Pretty crazy 4 days.

  3. Oh it aches to see a lovely tree toppled over like that. I'm sorry that it happened to you but glad it wasn't anything more destructive. I like the yellow and magenta. It makes me think of spring.

  4. I saw on the news that the Northwest was getting pounded...but not with snow!!! Weather has a way of keeping us humble. Great pants....reminds me of the '60s.

  5. Thank goodness everyone is alright! Love those pants-they are so sedate :-)

  6. Sounds like we're getting the same weather this storm. No trees down on our place, but then again, they are more used to this level of saturation. I do believe my 5" rain gauge has overflowed....

  7. Phew, we got it lightly, well, relatively. Still had mudslides, etc. It must have leaped over the coastal range to you. It sound like you are well prepared! Take care.

  8. Pretty pants and the mouse fabric is cute!