Thursday, February 19, 2015

An Utter Lack of Drama

Whew, a week in which no animals disappeared, no dead bodies were found and no storms downed trees and washed out roads! We did moving and shaking of a different kind. In the sewing room, in the weaving studio and out in the paddock.

Let's start in the sewing salon. It was a modest gain of one top. A second version of the Merchant & Mills Top 64.

I lengthened the pockets and also the whole lower band area and while I like it, it also screwed up the proportion I think. I didn't need to go so deep with the lower band to get depth in the pocket and on future makes I will adjust back up in overall length. It was also cut on the fold and I have to say I like the center seam better. Along with being thrifty with your fabric by putting in a center seam, it also offers a bit of design. So, next make we'll stick to the suggested cutting layout too. I love this pattern so there will be more.

Fabric of Vision has a fun monthly Swig & Stitch. We swig at a local bar and Sandi stitches some great little projects, usually showcasing a transferable sewing technique. I fell in love with this particular project. "Not a single use bag".

In Ashland OR plastic bags have been banned and if you don't bring your own it's .10 cents for one. This little voile bag mimics the plastic one perfectly, is light, rolls up and can be slipped easily into a small purse or back pocket to always have handy. I gave this one to my Mom for Valentines Day. I'll be making one for me maybe this weekend or next week.

In the weaving studio, the last of the Murphy towel warp was woven off.

 It was pretty darn close eeking that last towel out but with the counterbalance shed, you have to be right up to the back of the shafts before you really lose weaving room on the fell side.

In all I got 7 towels out of this warp,

 three linen weft ones at the beginning and the rest perle cotton in a rainbow of colors.

The next warp for the Murphy is in the planning stages along with the maiden Macomber warp. Parts finally arrived after being stuck in weather delays from Maine. This weekend will be spent winding a warp and getting the upgrades done on the Mac.

The new laundry room floor went in too. It was nice to get the washer and dryer off the front porch and back into use! The vinyl floor looks good and works fine, although I have to say, no sheet vinyl is beautiful. The beauty lies in the ease of care for this busy area. Pictures soon.

Out in the paddock, I got Dandy out for a little work in the round pen and some lunging in the field.
He was an angel in the round pen and a little red devil on the lunge line! The year off seems to have done him some good though, he freely went into and maintained a beautiful canter in both directions and put on quite the airs above the ground show too. He was just feeling that good. And even while bucking, leaping and being totally silly he maintains his circle for the most part so it wasn't a buck and try to bolt situation. He's going to be 20 this summer and he doesn't look or act a day over 12!
The part of the field we use has a banked hill at one end, so I can keep him flat, do a small incline or send him up and down in the circle, either direction. He chose to do the hill and looked mighty fine doing it.  When all was said and done, I gave him his carrot treat, hoped on bareback with just the halter and lead rope.

Parting shot: The landing crew.


  1. I see the landing crew is looking hale and healthy! Your Murphy loom is interesting, I have never seen one before. Could we have a few close ups and some history about your loom?

  2. I love the unique fabric of your top that you just finished sewing! Congrats on finishing your towels, that's such a great feeling to reach the end of a warp. Are the towels for you? I like handmade bags so much, they are so popular in the quilting world.

  3. You work with some very pretty colours.. and have some very colourful pretties in that last image. ;)

  4. I'm so glad you got a chance to work with Dandy! I know how much you enjoy your time with the horses. Just thinkin'....the pups look like they're in time out!

  5. Beautiful towels Theresa. The colors are so soothing. I sure miss hanging around your house, with all the activity and excitement of the animals. There is a large package on its way to you -should have already arrived. Enjoy.

  6. Pups always seem to want out if they are in and in if they are out! Love love the Top64!!