Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bring Up the Bodies

No, Buzz has not returned nor been found but thank you ALL for your words of comfort. They made a hard week just a bit softer and I so appreciate it.

 But a body was found in spectacular fashion. Christopher Sellars, the felonious fool (that split into the woods after the car chase out of Klamath Falls right before Christmas), was discovered by the head of Biology at SOU on an outing with a full class of students looking at the flora and fauna at Parsnips Lakes. They are a swampy series of 3 little wet lands not much more than a mile from us on the BLM road across from our driveway. Gene of course was called out as first responder to secure the scene. He spent most of it taxing students out of the area while the state police and the ME made the trip up into the mountains from Medford and collected the body. He had quite the story to tell over dinner with my folks Friday night. Thank heavens none of us is terribly squeamish.

And speaking of Friday night, the lovely Louet Spring was delivered to its rightful owner and installed in the weaving and sewing room on the Rogue Valley Manor grounds.

 A beautiful space, light filled and complete with other looms, weavers and storage space.

That of course meant that I could put the Macomber in its permanent place, at least for now.

 I am awaiting parts still and also needed a bench. Now I mentioned that to friend Cindie on Saturday morning in a phone call, by that afternoon a bench had been found at a weavers sale happening in Grants Pass. I could come early and get it and look over the yarn too! Yesterday Cindie and I got together, did a little shopping, picked up the bench and had a tasty bite to eat in Grants Pass.

Nice bench complete with the side bags and

 a fair amount of Silk City cottons

 and a few patterns and such.

A perfect day except for the rain, which was persistent and heavy.

And then of course there was Superbowl Sunday and it was everything promised. There should be no doubt that my loyalties lie with New England, they are and will always be, my home team. So humor me while I gloat just a little. It should also be noted that I will never, ever root for the Seahawks no matter who they play. It was with great delight we watched an arrogant Pete Carroll make what could be the worst call in football history  and one Malcolm Butler capitalize on it.  And none of us was really surprised that the Seahawks would start an ugly brawl either.  In 2015 I hopefully won't have to hear anything out of Richard Sherman or any of his team mates, and I won't miss the endless comparisons of Tom Brady to Peyton Manning. Brady is better! And so football season is over until August. There is still hockey though...... :-)

Parting shot: Marigold and Juno.


  1. Amen, Brady is after all a MI man, have always been a Pats fan.

  2. Nice bench especially with the pockets. Sorry about Buzz not coming back. I was hoping he would. Seems you are always moving looms around. I've been thinking about selling my two largest ones. They are just sitting and not being used but I am not sure I want to give them up yet. Though the extra room in the studio would be great. Love the parting shot of Marigold and Juno!

  3. Nice bench, but I find I need to be higher at the Macomber. So I use an adjustable height (w/ gas cylinder lift) bar stool from Bed Bath & Beyond..something like this: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/backless-padded-air-lift-stool/1016668087?Keyword=barstools
    The other thing I like about it is that I can 'swivel' in and out of it to get to the loom. There are versions with back rests if you look around.

    So sorry to hear about Buzz. Winter is tough on all the critters outdoors. There was a story in the Sunday paper about a pack of coyotes taking down an elderly horse about 50 miles from here.

  4. Sounds like plenty of excitement around your place (especially on Sunday night!!!) You snapped up some great finds at the estate sale!

  5. What a nice find-a new to you bench plus yarn plus patterns/books! I wish that there were sales like that here ;-) It sounds like a great day all around with lunch with a friend and super shopping!