Thursday, December 18, 2014

Uneventful Holidays, We Scoff at You!

I really have tried to post more often, but last week and the beginning of this week have been super busy.  Hazel Rose, which many of you asked about is a two year old, Jack/Chi/ Lhasa X. She is actually a half sister to Stella and Robin via their sire Cracker. She had not been working out in her present home due to some life changes there. She is learning the ropes here, settling in and finding her niche.

Her tub mate is Robin, who actually wanted to be a tub thief but settled with sharing instead.
 We have some training to do as far as pack manners and leash walking, but all in all she is an easy, sweet girl with a quick mind, a willingness to please and a love of cuddling. She is certainly making friends here.

Marigold has had her share of problems this past week, endoscopic surgery to remove a few rocks in her gut, and a dime! She also had two tumors removed from her side.

T shirt is to protect the 30 staples that are in her side from the tumor removal. She wears it well we think.
 Both appear to be non cancerous but they are being biopsied and lastly a diagnosis of mild Vestibular Syndrome. So we are all adjusting to the new reality of a large and wobbly dog. There is a good chance she will improve over time and from the first episode Sunday night to this point, there has been some improvement already.

The "Bar of Gold" arrived for Big Sal and was installed.

 I had sent a couple of pics to AVL showing the bolt configuration and they got it spot on.

 I even found a place to store the old fly shuttle beater bar.

 I need to get this gal warped and weaving on that pillowcase fabric.

The sewing room has seen scant action. I am in process with a jacket and skirt but have not snapped any pics up there. There has also been some nice end of year fabric acquisitions which I should document. Presents got wrapped up there and the ones that needed shipping, shipped. Fingers are crossed that a few last minute selections will arrive here on time.

The house has not been decorated yet for the holidays. I am so behind in that it might just not get done at this point, but there is the holiday book to feature, a couple actually and the tree outside is done and is festive enough to carry the season. We've had a little snow, a little ice and a lot of rain. I wish I had snapped a pic when the tree had its "done by nature" flocking on it, but I didn't.

 This will have to do with the reflection of the lights on the wet rainy deck.

And so, time marches on to the holiday ready or not!

Parting shot: The Faithful Dog at my feet.

Charlotte sleeping under the sewing table while I wrap gifts. I am never alone


  1. Charlotte is such a good supervisor!!! Glad to hear that Marigold's surgery went well...the t-shirt is a great idea. Take some loom time....try out that new beam!

  2. A bucket of terriers! So cute :-) This season I got done with holiday decorating very early-it consisted of a store bought wreath hanging from our address tiles. Shameful I know but necessary this year. Plus, where do you find pine boughs in Tucson?

  3. Hope with each passing day that Marigold is on her way to a full recovery. Glad to see that Hazel Rose is finding her place amongst her brothers and sisters. Charlotte looks very contented helping "Santa" wrap gifts. Merry merry to each and every one of you!

  4. Pets add so much to our lives in so many ways. Life is never boring with pets, is it? I hope that Marigold recovers completely. Best wishes on a wonderful holiday season for you and your family.

  5. Heavens! rocks and a dime. But Marigold is cute in her tee, glad she's doing well. What a bunch you have...

    I haven't gotten any decorations up in or outside the house, but the urge is not so strong as I'm by myself. If I put them up I have to take them down!

  6. I love how much you love your pups.

  7. Happy Winter Solstice! Best wishes to Marigold and all the others as well.